Wickedlyours – a Unique talk show

Personal, unheard, unknown…….

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As the deary rain filled day started, the excitement I felt for the interview ahead was surprising. I had met Mrs. Seetha Murty many times before but somehow the different scenario in which we were slated to meet this morning had its own palpable edge.

The idea behind ‘Wickedlyours – personal, unheard, unknown’ was simple and very straightforward. I wanted to talk to people I loved and liked and who inspired me enough to make me go back to them again and again. I wanted to ask them questions I could not or rather would not whenever I met them either socially or for my books. For my books my interviews with them were professionally inclined and related to their work. In social sessions one doesn’t start an interview!!!

This is our first in the series and I have a line up of some really inspiring and genuinely positive people, who have been doing a huge amount of work in the society in their own fields like so so many of us and without the desire to be spoken about nor with any expectation that someone would want to speak with them for what they do.

But I want to talk with such people because they according to me need to be spoken about, for they are the ones quietly trudging along, working day in and day out, going about their jobs, doing work which benefits and contributes to society in so many ways. I want to celebrate them all. Starting from my known group of highly motivated and real people, I shall move on to those who I get to know along the way…….One more journey I am looking forward to. Yet again!

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