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Friends are important in so many ways. They help you stay anchored to reality. They are your agony-aunt any time of the day. They are your sounding boards for everything sane and insane. They are your buddies and go-to people for everything. Your partners in crime. Moments spent with them are most often memorable and well spent.

One such afternoon with them made me an author. Another got me to start to this unique talk show. The initial idea was half in jest. However, over a period of two weeks as I thought about it more and dwelled on the feasibility of such an endeavour, it seemed more likely than ever. Also more doable.

Me and Maitri wanted to have something to do with social media. Both of us are novices when it comes to this medium but both of us recognise its power. We also are huge fans of honest, good stuff on the internet. Plus whenever we meet we always speak of those wonderful people out there who are doing splendid work for society but who’s work isn’t known or maybe not considered something worth reporting or even speaking about.

The reasons for this are two-fold – 1) They themsleves do not believe in publicity and consider what they are doing as their duty towards their chosen profession. And 2) Their work is part of a profession that they have chosen – so what’s there to find it unusual to speak about it and then importantly who will listen to them or want to listen to them?

Very pertinent points to consider and dwell upon. If I am an educator and I am doing my work well with diligence and with commitment and honesty, then what’s new in that? That is how one is supposed to do it. Isn’t it? Well, rightly so. But how many out there are doing their work in their chosen profession with the due diligence and absolute commitment, is something I question. Three decades in a profession which deals with children and after handling innumerable administrative duties within school environments has made me understand that like me many may have chosen education as a profession but there are only a few amongst us who care about it like one should. The rest treat it as just that: a profession.

For many like me it is a way of life. But we go about it normally and maybe it is also the ‘others’ who get better recognition. Why you may ask? I have my analyses on this too (it helps to have your own Blog you know !!). My take again is two-fold: 1) One, we the ones for whom it may be a way of life, whatever we do, putting in all our energies into it, with full heart and soul – whether it is education or hospitality or banking or anything- we do not have time to ‘market’ ourselves because the work, our ‘profession’ takes up all our energies. So even though our work maybe highly significant and worth knowing about we continue to be the silent, unsung heroes who trudge along every day with no fear of being left out of the race, as we never were a part of it. I certainly fall into that category and so do all my friends who are dear to me. 2) Two, the world somehow has different criteria for judging and measuring success. What I may term as ‘success’ for myself may be routine or mediocre for someone else.

I have worked tirelessly to make organisations, I have been part of, a better place. But my work has always been cast aside on the sidewalk with mediocrity and mirages being preferred to my real work. But never a bitter person, I have continued to work in the same way, years on and have never ever let any bitterness creep in into my thoughts or my belief in my passionate nature of working. Wrongs done to me, I always look to avoid doing myself. I also look to correct it in as many ways as I can.

WICKEDLYOURS – personal, unheard & unknown – our unique talk show where we talk to our celebrity friends who are unique in every way by virtue of their selfless, hardworking pursuit of their every day professions and are gorgeous human beings, is our way to correct an anomaly.

Every one who does ordinary work with an extraordinary zeal everyday is worth a celebration.

I celebrate all those with Maitri, as together we talk and explore in how much deep waters, each of our dear friends are, through unrehearsed, unwritten questions posed to our unsuspecting guests who come to be part of our show because of the deep respect we have for each other. They sportingly continue to be part of WICKEDLYOURS and we remain forever grateful to each of them.

Thanks everyone…..For helping us and rooting for us….We knew we would too!
Friends always make magic magical!

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