Did they launch us?

From real to reel….

There was a flurry of activity. The sound of a few plates being overturned. “Psst, cut-cut-cut.” That was Brownie’s hyper-activity!

California chewing her grass, turned.

“Stop this noise, what is the issue, I fail to understand.”

“Did they launch us?” asked Brownie with impatience.

“I ain’t going nowhere,” proclaimed Tasmanian as he sprayed pee on the situation.

Chewing on her grass Mommy grunted her displeasure. Men, she thought, are the same in every race.

“Poor Patient hope he is covered with a groundsheet otherwise gone is his face.”

“How dramatic a statement, I’d say!”

Chutki stretched and commented as she scratched away.

“Where were we being launched? I do not think they have a rocket in here with them, yet!” Jumpy craned her neck as she said.

“If we went up in a rocket, we would surely end up dead!”

T.J. shuddered at the very thought.

“Are you all crazy?” Then Big Sister forgot.

“Why we are not, certainly not!” California said strongly.

“We are being launched – then who declared this wrongly?”

“T’was Brownie who asked that initial question.”

Tasmanian stated as he joined the conversation.

“Where is Brownie, by the way?”

California wanted to know. “I have heard him but haven’t seen him today.”

“Fast asleep.” said Mommy as she dug deeper into her pot.

“Was I remembered,” asked Brownie from his basket cot.

“Oof, forgetful, sleepy bunny rabbit!

You are making this a habit!”

Said Chutki as she yawned and jumped into her basket.

“We were not ‘launched’ in any capsule, since you ask it!”

“Oh dear, thank goodness, I thought may be…..”

“Oh, don’t think, Brownie,” urged Tasmanian in an impatient repartee.

“Your thinking things is creating a havoc,” he said as he twirled again.

“I am in my hutch safe and sound, but I object to this constant pee rain!!”

Patient pronounced.

“Enough of this incessant banter, our book was launched,” Mommy announced.

The news was greeted with thumps and spilling of water.

Jumpy decided a ‘thali’ salute was definitely in order.

T.J failed to understand what the excitement was for.

Was it because they had not been launched into space through their doors?

Or was it because a book with them in it had been launched?

But T.J decided to pass the nagging question unannounced.

Either way he thought, it is better to be a real rabbit,

Who eats, sleeps, and occasionally bites as a naughty habit.

The Book launch….
Many sketches, many deliberations with self….
Tried technology and then came back to the traditional methodology – painting.
My Munchkins – real and captured through my paint brush!

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