Rabbitales…..A new Feed!


It was getting decidedly warm. The sun was not pleasant anymore. The falling leaves indicated a change in weather. The noisy birds were irritating to say the least. What were they flicking all over the place? It looks like our powder. Seriously, what? Had they been given our powder to eat? The thought of sharing our powder with birds isn’t appealing at all, thought Mama Beautiful, the naughty white California rabbit.

A closer look was required. She jumped off her basket and wandered nearer to the terracotta earthen plate to investigate.

OMG! It was definitely not pleasant to get stuck in-between the crossfire of a Chinese Guinea fowl and the Baby Turkey. One slash, then another and then one more was all that was required from the Chinese guinea fowl to drive the Baby turkey off the ledge. In the ensuing claws, feathers, flapping wings, repeat scenario, Mama Beautiful scurried under the plastic chairs of the humans wandering in the lawn. There seemed no purpose in their wandering either. It was indeed chaotic.

One kick from the Baby Turkey and the Chinese Guinea fowl was left a handful of feathers poorer. Snort, snort gawked Mama Beautiful. A good taste of its own medicine. A pretty fighter-cock bunch we have here. Thank goodness for the peace and quiet of the indoors. Sniff, Sniff. Nope it isn’t ours.

Oh some new experimentation. After all Guinea fowls as in Guinea pigs.

Snort, snort gawked Mama Beautiful. Serves them right!

A peck at the fluffy tail. A dart away. Indoors is definitely better. Safer too.

Investigated and now retired back to the pavilion.

The new feed fortified with vitamins to keep them virus free was a huge source of excitement for our birds.

The baby turkeys loved to experiment too – a flick of their feet and most of the experiment feed was on the ground!!

Nah, I am similar but that’s not me. I ain’t called Mama Beautiful for nothing!!!



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