Nostalgia….Part 2

Anchoring me to the people I love!

Bluff – a small town near the southern tip of NZ, famous for the Oyster festival which attracts visitors from around the world
The restaurant overlooking the cove is our favourite place to go on a clear day – my son loves their sea food platter and their specially curated meals are a sheer gastronomical delight!
The view from our table – mesmerizing!
We always take the refreshing walk before we troop in for the lunch to work up our appetite!
Sigh! Those were the times……
The Oyster Festival held in May is a celebration in community life and pride!
Walking down Life’s path, I often wonder at all that I encounter and why. It is then that I realize that we tread a path which is pre-determined but it is the experiences and relationships we make and the reactions which we show which define what kind of a life it finally shall turn out to be! For me the equation is simple: Experiences + relationships / reactions = LIFE!


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