December Vibes

Of dates, changes and new tomorrows……….

Today I write without the will to write. On many other days there is a drive. There is this huge feeling of purpose and wanting to express. That crazy resolve that my writing will make people think. But today all that is missing. Completely.

Today I write because there seems an urge to keep up with the year ending vibes. Everyone is compiling their year either in photographs or writing or mere words or a series of fast paced gatherings and partying beyond societal established hours of being awake. Sum of wanting to usher on January 1st with elan.

A very dear educator mentor forwarded a beautifully worded poem the other day about the relationship between December & January. Poignant and stating the obvious which we never seem to see or hear – the essence remained that by mere change of another month our ‘wanted to’ changes to ‘dream to’. From tangible experiences and achievements, we again at the stroke of the midnight hour willingly give in to another 365 days of hoping, desiring, expecting, believing, of everything indefinable and nonphysical.

I call that resilience. I also call that a positivity filled human mind.

I know that the drill of coming across as knowledgeable and erudite is oft a trap which many of us fall into. Been there. Yet it is the honest and the straightforward who take our hearts away and pull at its strings with their words. They leave us with lumps of emotion in our throats and that overwhelming feeling of DeJa’Vu.

‘Tis the time of the year when memories can enchant and torment. It is also a weird time of the year when the 364 days tend to flash so clearly in front of our eyes. It has been a hard and stressful year for many of us. It has been a hugely oscillating one for me too. But I have learnt so much because the past two years has made me live in the present so much more than ever before. If my day does not go well, I make immediate corrections and make sure it starts being something I want to live and remember.

Instances of the uncertainty of life have been so many and so distressful that it is the only logical way now.

This year has taught me such valuably and arguably the best lessons so far.

  • Precious is ‘NOW’. Yesterday and day before and the day before day before and so on needn’t be cried upon but revisited only and only if we need to pick up something substantial from it/them. If not, best discarded.
  • CHERISH those who love you from the heart. Be wary of all those who have appeared suddenly and those who claim to be your next BFF for baffling reasons. Shake off such stalkers.
  • Learn to ask for your due and never ever think of your WORTH to be part of any discount sale in life’s professional, family, or emotional bazar. Remember none can afford your emotional depth, ask such losers to stay in the shallow part of the pool. The deep is for lion-hearted.
  • Shift the truth from the mambo-jambo of rhetoric. Staying REAL means you never have to fear the falling of the mask. Being always yourself, is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Gift it to yourself.

One date. One month. Last year.

New date. New month. New year.

Wishing all a very Happy New Year!

We fly forward each year with hope which is hopeful too of a better tomorrow!

Learn to move forward without fears of past regrets…it does not pay to keep looking into Life’s rear-view mirror, those are for drivers behind the wheel of a car. We are drivers of our own destinies!

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