Life was (is) simple – We lived (live) a little!

Chinned up, always!

None of us see the bigger picture by default. We need to attend workshops, or be part of meditation camps, or need to attend self- awareness sessions or the like to understand a simple, straight forward fact of life.

We are a small portion of the bigger picture. Our actions reflect who we are and what we are made of. Those actions affect the environment in our immediate vicinity only, no doubt but has repercussions for the larger community. When we see our actions in the present it seems to be a smallest act done by one in a billionth person. Yet the present makes up our future which is what we forget.

A day in our lives when lived simply for ourselves, by ourselves and with ourselves is a humble and uncomplicated reflection of what living should be: simple, undemanding.

However, we do none of this. We would have none of this.

I have lived once on this earth,
That once seems worth a million births,
To have walked and played and laughed,
Without fear or coercion, is blessing enough!

I have had food on my plate and a warm bed too,
I have had the comfort of my parents’ arms,
I have had my share of holidays, & memories,
Which are cherish-able & bring on a smile!

I could lose myself in my books
And find myself amongst them too,
I had a school, teachers, a bag, some pencils,
Which made my childhood a treasure trove!

I could call some humans my family,
Some my friends - with equal love,
I celebrated my chance upon this planet,
With eagerness, new clothes, and candles to blow!

I saw both worlds and many more,
Those which were colored, green, khaki, or blue,
I lived with pride and respect,
Where gender, caste, religion nor position mattered!

What I wanted I took & had,
No one questioned nor stopped to ask,
I was and am feted for who I am,
Love and respect were a foregone truth!

I touch hearts today,
Of those I love,
And all those I teach
And mine too with gratitude!

Those days in candlelight,
Where the moon, the stars were my buddies,
I have seen the simplicity
Of life without the tech and its screens!

The games we played came 
From the stories we read,
Called memes now, 
Was known as intellect then!

Being informed meant 
One was well-read,
Which came from books we borrowed 
From something called libraries!

‘Postings’ meant those which made us move
From place to place in my father’s service.
Rather than largely pointless ‘posts’
On the wide world of unrestrained web!

Adjusting, accommodating, and adapting,
Came naturally without being considered cliched,
Saving, restoring, salvaging, and conserving,
Were a followed norm, rather than tag lines!

When we spoke, we were heard,
For what we spoke had a ‘why’ to it,
Cacophony and rhetoric
Did not have a place amongst the multitude! 

We always found more in our less,
Two rooms and two dresses
Found equal favor,
For t’was the memento of love, of care!

Home-made was always a rage
With us now as then,
For never did we find a pizza or a cake, 
In a shop when the kitchen bored our mom (or us)!

Our ecosystem never needed realignment,
The world we lived in was elementary,
Our milieu drew from us and we from it,
Life was simple, we lived it clear-cut yet king-size!

Finding simplicity in ourselves, and ourselves in simplicity is life’s biggest mantra – living by it has earned me the most precious commodity which no money can buy, no richest person can ever bid for either – peace of mind!
Perceptions come from a frame of mind – we tend to see, understand and perceive what our biggest fears may be – the art lies in deciphering what ‘seems’ from what actually ‘is’!!
Photo courtesy: Yours truly – the twisted, dried leaf hanging for dear life from the white jute rope filled me with trepid fear as I thought it was a small chameleon, for my naughty Tasmanian Devil bunny was just below the tree digging at some roots fiercely – when the frantic commotion refused to make this ‘chameleon’ budge and as I gathered my wits in the 5 seconds lapse, I realised what it was, for real. That rare occasion of my phone in my hand helped me capture this for posterity and my Blog!!!

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