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Too scrumptious to resist…by anyone!

I love the surge of an upbeat feeling,
The vigour of happy emotions,
As I weave my way through things,
Which help give my creativity wings!

I love the rush of adrenaline,
That dash of a million sensations,
As I construct new idyllic moments
From a billion grey cell components!

As with everything we love,
The senses work in optimum,
Moods and outcomes always match,
From boredom cheerful energy, I catch!

Wonderful people have come aboard,
And joined my journeys,
Walked together, cheered me on,
One such soul did just that as the New Year dawned!

My time-tested recipe lovingly being baked to perfection by a dear friend’s Mom. Thank you Neha and Mrs. Ragini Mathur for having that trust and always encouraging on…..

Good morning Anjali Ma’am! Surprise for you! Presenting the spongy biscuit pudding that FINALLY got baked!! 😋 I carried the recipe box ingredients with me here because was so pressed for time in Hyderabad. (I woke up this morning to the delicious fragrance of home-baked yumminess) – Neha Mathur

Yum pics, I’d say – Photo courtesy: Mrs. Ragini Mathur

And look who has joined the fan club of my baking….”Attack of the monster” 🙂 , observed Mrs. Mathur. Their cutest Beagle: Bouncy IV found the freshly baked goodies irresistible!

The most amazing educator I have met in recent times for her undying commitment to continue to make a difference Ms. Neha Mathur, Program Head, Bright Sparks, Youngistaan foundation’s Education vertical (center), Mrs. Ragini Mathur, Neha’s Mom, a fantabulous person who is so wonderfully warm-hearted that my interactions with her leave me with the warm, happy glow of being cherished (left) and Bouncy IV, the latest addition to my fan club (right) with my recipe cupcake. Neha messaged to me saying, “Poor fellow didn’t get the muffin 🤣 He was so upset 😅 Had to give him extra doggy biscuits.”

Thank you so much Neha and Mrs Mathur for elevating my humble recipe to an adorable experience by enjoying doing it so much with such enthusiasm and chutzpah!!

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