When does ‘NOW’ end and begin?

Of then, now and ahead……

Never can there be an end
For the unknown bend,
Neither can one foresee
What  lies ahead  so deep!

There are days which seem so true,
Emotions which keep you strong;
Yet moments appear which derail,
Thoughts, strengths and faith!

Maybe it is people,
Their heartlessness and dis-regard,
Maybe it is the routine,
Of soul-less work and ingratitude.

It can be being idle and free,
With worries which refuse to leave,
It can be the feelings of despair,
Arising from neglect.

Social beings like us,
Find solace in love and care,
Yet the more one cares and tries to please,
The expectations seal any escape.

Making time for oneself,
Some self care and love,
Is what our poor souls need
As shredded self's repair the emotional bleed.

Circumstances can be mean,
The environs harsh and cold,
Looking for the warmth inside
Should be the only thing which resides.

Beating our self-esteems,
Shall lead to only more battering,
More distress of  the physical being,
For its the silent scars hurting & never seen!

Change an over-rated word,
Which no one likes yet can not do without,
It stands for nothing
If it continues the status quo of rules which cling.

Re-adjust the focus again,
Re-align the sights,
Take aim for life inside-out
On terms which reflect a victory shout!

Live now, for tomorrow cannot be found,
In the sand of time which pass away,
All too soon  before we realize,
That all is lost and we are none the wise!
Some mood lifters come in multi-coloured hues!
I couple them with my unique touches to make it special like this long-time friendly puppet which has grown-up with my son yet remain in evergreen youth!
Or this cutie clown which has withstood many a storm with me through my professional flights! Was always a huge favourite of all young visitors to my room!
As stress and moments of despair coexist along with hope and care, one learns to live through it all – lights, clouds, moonlight, shadows and the yearning for a new sun rise!

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