The Meeting!

Those beady eyes,
Those twitching noses
A fur softer than soft,
As a set of pets not kept oft!

They bring joy,
Into mundane mornings & evenings,
Their antics leave us in awe,
The 'chatur - smart' rabbits have us by their paws!

A cage full of them it was,
The cutest creatures we lay our eyes on,
My son wanted them all,
Then a few stood up on our call!

A black, a white and even a grey,
Made their way into our car,
Before we reached home,
They already our hearts did roam!

A thesis and a full study,
I can do now and more,
Each observation, each move,
I can decipher and behaviour can prove!

Naughty and spoilt,
Each an individual, each a delight,
Every little bunny I know without fail,
That is why I wish to write: RABBITALES!

My new book – Short Stories for Kids: RABBITALES


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