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Time flies into stillness!

I oft sit with myself and have these little conversations. Many a times these conversations end with a lump in my throat because I remember having such tete-a-tetes with Mom. It is so important to be able to share what one thinks and feels with someone. You cannot do it with anyone else except your parents because everyone else ends up judging you.

This is the freedom I crave for when I am around people and this was a privilege I had when I was growing up. The freedom to be myself around my parents. I never have had to prove my love for them nor my loyalty towards them. I have never had to wait for their approval for anything nor think twice before asking them for anything.

I know it is never possible to be brought up the way I was – in an environment of immense positivity and happiness. Wherein what you said was what you meant. What you felt was what was experienced. Words carried more meaning than what they seem to mean. Feelings touched more emotions than what they could ever stand for. Genuineness stood for exactly that while truth meant the universal one.

I know of those special few who were brought up in a similar environment of eternal love and expectant hope. Where the mind was indeed free from prejudices of every kind and the head was held with self-respect at being what we were. Yes! I have awakened into that family of progressive parents and sensitive hearts and have thus striven to impart that same atmosphere to my son.

Being little to now a young adult, his journey has reflected all that I did not want to happen to mine. And all that I loved when it happened in mine. My rules for him remain entrenched in the thought that when he turns around and looks back, he shall always find a smile egging him on and a welcoming hug beckoning him back. I strive to leave for him memories which will warm up his heart, maybe moisten his eyes but never make him yearn for anything better than he already had.

I achieve my own goals with my life each day. I hope to be able to hang up my boots with pride one day. I hope to have an epitaph which reads:

Loved what Life offered.
Lived with no regrets.
Treasured every moment.
Had a crush on Positivity.
Dotted on Integrity.
Valued Everything.

Maybe one cannot see far into the future – which is good but what I already have makes me believe that it will be great ahead too!

At any level of success and at any juncture of our lives, the consciousness should be alive – an understanding to always have a bird’s eye view of everything around us: The good happens to keep our faith alive and the bad happens to make us work for it!!

Each of us is rare, every one put here for a purpose, even if we are not able to see it; the skill is in believing in the power of positivity and hoping that the bigger picture does not elude us till the end!

For me the bleak signals that the sun isn’t far away and the journey signifies an endless effort at being alive, the changing scenarios help me keep my focus on those which are dear & closest to me while the infant terrible-s, I find along the way are but a realisation for me of what one must not be!!

Arise, Awake and strive to be just YOU – each day; what better way to live your life, I say!

When everyone sees beautiful, I see surreal; When everyone sees magic, I see paradise! It is always about perception and never about the concept.

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