What being a mother means to me…..

Thoughts of Wisdom!

Many things all at once,
Giving in and holding out,
Being scared and going nuts,
All hand in hand throughout.

The feelings then and now,
Stay the same you know
For the change only allows
A different time & show.

The little has its challenges,
The toddler has its pangs,
The growing up imbalances,
The in-control Mom’s plans.

Each stage brought a joy,
Every new action some delight,
The setbacks helped me destroy,
The angst, worry and fear with a Mom’s might.

Living to be what I wanted
My child to learn and be,
Left no moral thought forgotten,
As years have melted into fun and glee.

I learnt the new thinking
Of a generation way ahead,
Helped me to do some rethinking
As I dealt with my students instead.

Being a role model is difficult,
For each day you are being observed,
A quick pat: “You didn’t..” says the adult,
The key is to stay unnerved.

No year is a respite,
As being a Mom is a 24x7 job,
Each day is a pleasure plus a test,
Every moment as if atop a spinning top.

When will be the moment,
To let go of the desire to influence
And to guide, to change the quotient
And be convinced to draw an inference?

Never would be many an answer,
But I differ and have it thought over,
With time of life being uncertain in manner,
It is best to decipher the code & seek closure.

The question rages on,
Yet it is evident that to have sway,
What is not needed is badgering upon,
But space both here, tomorrow, and today.

I remain a parent always,
For I have learnt it with know-how,
It is fine to acknowledge & explore ways,
But never a need to completely bow.

Keeping some rules in place,
Always help set some standards,
‘No tolerance’ facilitates enough space,
Then the rubrics speaks louder than words.

Amid all the humdrum,
Keeping one’s expectation simple,
Nor comparing to another or anyone,
Keeps away the ‘oh-never-happy’ relationship wrinkle.

Adding life to my bond,
With thoughts and wisdom,
Keeps my relationship fond,
And my rapport in sync and in rhythm. 

Some relationships should be without too much melodrama and fanfare minus the fizz – much like my guava crush at hand….but loads of ice to keep one’s cool!
I prefer a ‘full-of-life’ living…Not too much unnecessary fizz!

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