What has changed and what hasn’t!

Looking inward and beyond…..

The world had changed, forever.
We now know fear, of the unknown.
It is no longer in books or history
But around us and unmasks our victory.

So many of us have lost something,
Things seen and unseen both.
People we love have left us too,
While freedom of choice isn’t as true!

Everyone has been hit with cruelty
None spared its deadly spread.
Who bore the brunt of it all?
Is something we will take years to recall.

Children lost their childhood
To screens and a virtual world.
Livelihoods were lost in the quicksand
As the pandemic dealt its deadly hand.

What changed?
The way we looked at the future.
Now none shall plan for years ahead,
But live in the present instead.

What hasn’t changed?
The workload of a homemaker,
It increased as everyone stayed back home,
From 24 hours now t’was a 48 hour free roam.

What changed?
The classrooms aren’t alive anymore
With messy floors and sharpened pencil shavings.
It is caged in small, cubed boxes on a screen as paintings.

What hasn’t changed?
The teachers working hard,
To make the screens come alive,
With lessons which help connections to revive.

What changed?
A cough and a sneeze,
Send us scurrying away from each other,
As the stigma makes people lie and hide to take cover.

What hasn’t changed?
Our attitudes to do no good,
Till there is some benefit to us,
Exceptions are few, even as death stares thus.

What changed?
The belief in systems, governments, and procedures 
For all has failed us as a nation today
As we gasp for air and fight the decay.

What hasn’t changed?
The short public memory of it all,
Tomorrow will bring amnesia again
For shortsightedly none will see thru the fractious intent.

What changed?
Suitcases gathering dust,
Clothes in closets not being used,
Minimalist living is the norm as we remain bruised.

What hasn’t changed?
The will to see thru the hopelessness,
To carry on for each other, together,
As the virus did not discriminate whatsoever.
Looking beyond…..yonder I wonder what lies ahead!

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