Queenly Quaint!

There is a ‘Q’ in……..Quality, Quiet, & Quick……………………..….As also in day 17 of @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021!

Moving on in life, each day seems like a journey in time. I look back and find myself wondering how, in the past, I never thought of my life as a journey which I was taking.

Naïve? Immature? Youth? Carefree? A little of everything.

Or maybe it is my age. It can also be the Covid virus. It could be the wisdom without the wisdom tooth. It could be Google baba. Either ways, it is evident that I cannot take claptrap for too long these days as I trudge along on this journey. With my delete button I have now added the ‘mute’ button too. If people – family or friends are not willing to take heed to a voice of reason so, be it – I press ‘mute’ and then they hear from me no more. I still talk with them, but it is strictly – the weather and my no one’s health (!).

Patience is a commodity rare especially in these trying times when the strain on mental faculties is the maximum. The pandemic is not helping, and neither are the people around you. In such a scenario a bit of queer and quaint is but natural. Whether ‘questionable’ or ‘queenly’, may be a bit debatable & open for debate.

I go with a little of both. A million things against a few hundred – what would signify as ‘difficult’?  The former, hands down. Then I win.

With a million things to do since I wake up and open my eyes yet again to this world, and plans for everything right from mundane to expertise-based activities to specialized care of my munchkins – day in day out, to satisfying my unsatiable desire for reading and writing – I strategize and have a blueprint for my entire day. I have developed this technique of being able to visualize what the end would be like if I follow these x-number of steps in a set pattern/arrangement/scheme/map/plan. It is extremely rare that I fall off that mark of a certain perfection which I set for myself. And that is exactly what I call ‘queenly’ – because the mark of perfection is for myself – according to my perception not what the world may see as ‘perfect’. Many may find this approach ‘questionable’ but happiness is a very personal awareness of one’s own state of mind. No questions asked!

What can be more queenly than Queenstown itself – my favourite holiday place in the world!
Another beautifully quaint place which I so miss each day.…..Queens Park.

The Rose Garden, Queens Park – the sadness or fatigue, whatever you might feel just melts away!

The quietness amongst the immaculate greenery!

What could be more perfect than this New Year’s day morning a couple of years ago….who would have thought that travel would seem like a magical, surreal thing heard-off only in films…..

Queenstown in all its glory!!

The holidays become so etched in our memories for reasons which are individual to each person. Quaint? Or Queer? Or Questionable? Or Queenly? Whatever. Either/Or. They make me quizzy inside – the very fact that my holidays home are far-far away right now.

The entire month of April, I am blogging from A2Z powered by #BlogchatterA2Z

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