Zestful Zeal!

There is a ‘Z’ in……..Zen, Zealous, & Zeal……………………..….As also in day 26 of @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021!

Loving life like no other,
Making the most of everyday
Setbacks remain like a bother,
Yet, zestful zeal remains in a merry way!

The crushing moments can sour
The present which shall never return,
Keeping the focus, it is the power,
Which it is for us to learn!

Greatness cannot come in a vacuum,
Melancholy, helplessness & despair,
Oscillate with hope and faith, which come
With a desire to reverse every despair.

Keeping the thoughts for those who are not,
Praying for those who fight their battles each day,
Boosting the spirits of those who never forgot,
Their pledges and oaths, thus deserving our praise!

Banish those who hunger for power,
For feeding off the blood & sweat,
Their narcissism which overpowered,
Reason and rational, is now a threat.

We need to reflect within
Were we humane or devilish throughout?
Things are always different when they begin,
It is at the peak that the mask falls without a doubt.

Yet as we trudge along,
Tired and worn, tattered emotionally,
I see the oasis of courage to each of us belong,
As a nation, as we break records globally.

Insanity or audacity drove us all?
Impudence was not far behind, I guess,
For the warnings were not small,
Yet each chose to ignore them nonetheless!

All bad dreams come to an end,
The slumber ends as we wake up,
I sure do not want this nightmare to extend,
In prayers together, virtually the virus’s progress to abrupt!

I share my joys at being alive another day,
Being alive to stare again at the sun,
As we stand at the halfway mark of May (almost)
The threat is enormous yet, zestful zeal remains in a merry way!

Memories which bring on the zeal to live on, soldier on and try to make a difference, how-so-ever small.

The entire month of April, I am blogging from A2Z powered by #BlogchatterA2Z

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