Happiness – a mirage or a reality?

Start looking!!!

Where do I look for it?
Can it be found anytime soon?
Will my time permit?
Or will it take several moons?

What are you looking for?
Are you sure you know its shape & size?
Ascertain all facts before,
You let your hopes all rise!

It is found inside
Everything which we control;
It comes when pride is kept aside
And peace of mind is the only goal!

It is found in all things simple,
All things true and pure,
Try looking for it between frowning wrinkles,
And be in for a surprise for sure.

A small gesture of love,
Can get you close enough;
As can a caring shove,
Help you get it, though otherwise tough.

Try doing things 
Without reasons and returns,
May be throw in some empathy for wins
Regardless of 'I-me-myself' concerns!

Working with oneself,
Believing in the power of one's mind,
Accepting that uniqueness itself,
Makes the quest the defining find!

Love thyself as you are,
The flaws and perfections together,
Maketh thy  journey this far
Worthwhile today and forever!

Nothing earth shattering will bring it on,
Neither shall bags full of greenery too,
Being at peace within and upon,
Is what shall only bring it to you!

Happiness is got when you seek it not,
Trying harder will evade it from you,
Make every moment count a lot,
And the mirage shall disappear from your view....

What shall remain will be as real as it can get,
As true as the breath felt inside you,
For the beauty of acceptance is when you forget,
That gains are only as you choose to view!

A state of mind?
A mind aware of its state?
Either/Or it is only for you to find
And only for you to create!!

I look around, within, in my memories, in my present – in everything that makes up my life – for my oasis of peace with myself and my small happy space……..I love to bake and experiment, it is therapeutic as I create with just my thoughts and myself; My writing space with my chilled glass of water giving me constant company; My small world of family as I see a piece of me grow up to being independent of me and come full circle with loving stuffed toys to getting one (Darling Graduate Harry! Not the one in the news recently, thankfully!!) as he graduated……Well, Happiness is sought in the simplicity of my life!

My happiness quotient is made up of a mosaic of memories, day-to-day events, simple touching gestures, moments in my travel, sometimes a self-created farm bowl or even fresh, ice-cold diffused water in my favorite tapped jar!

I do not look too hard for my happy space, oft it finds its way itself to me – Like these little ones, children of my house help who love to sit and learn from me and I love to see their delightful progress and their glee as we do activities together; their “aha, baaundi amma” – “Aha, very very nice Amma” as we bring a lion or a butterfly alive with pencil shavings or their sad counting of the number of sheets I have given to them for their ‘home-work’ assignment till the next day – all brings in a smile and warmth to the heart!

The delight of being an educator/teacher with students, of any kind and from any strata of society is unparalleled….

…………….And then are the wonderfully touching messages of appreciation of how my writings thru my Blogs touch people – One such from one lovely human being, an articulate educator and as she calls me: her ‘namesake’ Mrs. Anjali Razdan keep adding the charm of being alive amongst the small, dear circle of people, acquaintances and friends.

What more is needed?

 A state of mind? 
A mind aware of its state? 
Either/Or it is only for you to find 
And only for you to create!! 

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