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A recent departmental training in the police had one of my staff member enumerate it as ‘nothing new’ and a tad boring too. I asked my husband as to why would something as important as a police training be designed unimaginatively. He was quick to point out that it was not true – “the training modules and schedules are designed perfectly”, he said. “The fault lies with the ‘how’ it is done part and by ‘whom’.” Well, could not agree more.

I have seen live examples of it through out my teaching career. I have had the so-called experts show PowerPoint presentations with the same images, same text and same tone too, of delivery for years on end and the senior staff would repeat the tag words and lines of the presenter from the back-benches. Cannot forget the apples and the oranges of such trainings. Categorize them as insipid and unimaginative. However, whenever I have met Mrs. Anjali Razdan, Academic Director, Solan Public School and an imminent educator, both for my first book and my second, she has been a live-wire. From her ghost stories to her humorous style of conveying the most mundane ideas and thoughts in her inimitable anecdotal style – makes me always think of how wonderfully lively her workshops, discussions and sessions with her teachers and the teaching community would be like. The observation by my husband seconded this thought and somehow she jumped first to my mind. More so because I was compiling my post for my ‘WHISTAKER’ blog and her amazing videos of the whole exercise were a sheer delight.

(Standing on right) Mrs. Anjali Razdan, Academic Director, Solan Public School with the author of this blog during our interaction for my second book – The Cutting Edge!

The process of the ‘WHISTAKER’ recipe in her own words……

Mrs. Anjali Razdan was extremely gracious to have tried my recipe box on her 40th wedding Anniversary in January.

Mrs. Anjali Razdan trying out my ‘whisktaker’ recipe kit on her 40th Wedding Anniversary!
And the process start……
Mrs. Anjali Razdan taking the recipe to the next stage!
And the final touches!!!!

I couldn’t resist asking her as I gave my final touches to this post, about what was the taste like and she had this to say……

WOW!! You sure can make someone feel special, Mrs. Razdan!!! Thank you for being such a huge sport!
Mrs. Anjali Razdan has this magnetic personality and this singularly amazing quality of being such a positive person, exuding charm and wit 24×7…..so I couldn’t resist trying my recipe of an orange-coconut cake and baking it myself and sending it across for her very special day as she tried out my recipe box too!

Sometimes, one often is left wondering about the how, the why of certain decisions one may take. I am thanking my stars that I decided to do things differently for friends this Christmas and ended up doing my WHISKTAKER recipe kit box for them….for their journeys with it as become my journey with my ideas and what a successful one too. Does pay being a risktaker nee WHISTAKER, I’d say. What say?!!!

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