Change – the six-letter word!

What should’ve, didn’t….


What shouldn’t have, did!

I jolted back to reality,
A world of not a happy space;
The words rang as a repeat,
Some actions you cannot erase!

Years of work
Turned to dust,
Though a bench-mark,
Never resulted in infinite trust.

The change has to be us,
Nothing like an example within,
'Don't do it' is now a point to discuss,
It's work, don't claim ownership!

Passion and profession 
Both easy to merge,
Yet my thought process is in question,
Don't mix the two, they urge!

Tried to change 
Outlook and mindset,
Consider work, I averred, your stage
All will follow: respect, progress & success.

Naïve was I, honest too
It is mine and the change is I,
No one did care as was true,
Sincere, reliable as qualities didn't apply!

Sacrifice of  conscientious 
Was always an easy choice,
What for me was precious,
Never found a similar voice!

Decades go by
Friends turn to foe,
My choice of change did signify,
That at 'traditions' alter, it was easy to let go!

I am saddened 
When my process is faulty, they say;
Is it wrong if for change to happen,
Established norms I do away?

Nothing is mine
No philosophy here,
My stay here is part of a design,
The impact of me shan't disappear.

Candor & glasnost
Impartiality & probity,
Values which came at a cost
Revered initially, later ignored notably!

Change has happened
Where change was needed not,
Lessons were learnt where unimagined,
I remained the same, the rest not or in a knot!

Wordless and silent
Left without an argument,
The past shows people tyrant,
The seal on the fate of 'change', permanent.
I do not try to impress because I don’t need to, I remain me at all times because I refuse to have it any other way, I am fearless because I don no mask – It’s always me, my thoughts, my candidness, my tea and my reading glasses……everyone else fits in between all of this!
A flounce in my just-a-little-short curtain – Not the norm? But then who cares? It’s my home, my curtain – what is it with your cow?!!
Why should I calculate as I live my life – the cost, the benefits? All shall accrue to me as destined beforehand….making all my moments count is what I am looking at! Sigh, yet its only a handful few who appreciate….

I came, I wrote, I published……for my own satisfaction and to prove to myself that I could write, and I knew the English language!! Everything else was a bonus!

Should I let the despicable attitudes of others eclipse my will to do it right? Nah!! But……
…….I have re-written my own rules now and doing everything on my terms is my new mantra now!
Losers can stay in their pseudo shells of self-righteousness and the mute can rue their own fate…living everyday can be done by all but making everyday alive, is my skill!
My life is DIY (like my fountain!) – meaningful, fluid, incredulous, clear, impactful and changing with the times!
The sky is never my limit….
…….and being the only light in the muggy world doesn’t scare me either!

So……..I shall change and tweak my rules to deal with the big, bad, mean world but shall not change ME. But young son who was enumerating my past experiences with some educators and schools and was critical of my way of working for them by throwing all established norms to the wind and then they discarding me into it instead, rolled his eyes in exasperation.

Disbelief ? Well, that fuels most reactions about me!

And I am not complaining!!!

Change? What? Who? When? Where? How?

Sometimes. Never.

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