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A delightfully positive devilish evening!

I love chance encounters which turn to marvellous friendships. And I have had many. And the memories and reminiscences from those initial days as each of us would assess and then get to respect each other for what we were worth, our work leads to friendships being the strongest. Valuing the space, the work, the circumstances and then keeping within the parameters of graciousness & propriety always cements those relationships further.

One such friendship which started off rather nonchalantly without much fanfare and rather quietly was with Ms. Anuja Kulshrestha, Senior Analyst while she was on a break from her regular line of work to be with kids and was heading a Kindergarten school. Pleasant, amiable, sociable – she was everything and more. Each day we’d meet for schoolwork, where I was consulting and every day my admiration for her would increase. Quiet efficiency, appreciative of everyone’s effort and happily trying to make sense of an everyday school madness made the journey together so much more bearable. We stayed in touch and she is a dear friend since then.

My ‘whisktaker’ box with the recipe found its next destination at her doorstep and was done by her along with her son Advait Kulshrestha over a weekend and …………..

Here is a pictorial display of the effort and exercise in Anuja’s own words…….

Ms. Anuja Kulshrestha, Senior Analyst, her husbby Mr. Mayank Kulshrestha, son Advait and daughter Mayra – supportive, happy and involved with everything ‘family’!!!

And my ‘whisktaker’ box…..

With some figuring out of the oven and its temperature and the size of the tins required to be used, Anuja got down to serious enjoyable baking – I loved the GIF image she made for me !

Advait helping Mom – Anuja with mixing of the cake batter….and enjoying every bit of it!
The making of the ‘whisktaker’ recipe….. sieving …
The chocolate was melted …..
And the batter jumped into an 18 inch tin…..was baked and then ready for a delicious icing…..
The icing was prepared and
And voila!!! The Star cake was ready!!! A time tested recipe from my Mom’s collection – I told Anuja it was fail-proof! She now agrees!!!
And needless to add that Advait did a wonderful job decorating it with his mom!
And the cake was devoured she messaged – “Half was finished then itself, Mam,” she wrote!!!
Anuja message to me while she was doing the whole process of mixing and all;
She: “I am feeling such a pleasure while doing the process”.
Me: “I am so glad I sent it to you!!”

Anuja: “It was too yummmmm. It was amazing…After a long time I have baked a cake. The feeling was delightful”

Me: Wonderful. It is sometimes essential that we unwind in ways we never thought we could…..

Anuja: Very True…A positive Saturday evening!

Some journeys too, take off nonchalantly and the develop into wonderous explorations by the initiator as well as the doer. I am loving my whisktaker journey with a few good friends. What more could one ask for?

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