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Biskseting it right!

A lovely person who had walked into my professional life many years ago, remained in my other personal one too. Over a period of time we have learned so much more about each other and she is always a delight to be with. The vivaciousness of Ms. Sakshi Mehta Lakhani is so infectious that it is difficult not to feel rejuvenated and wanting to throw all caution to the wind. She along with her hubby – Mr. Manik Lakhani, whom I have not met but seen through her stories and narrations and pictures seems an equal amount of sport like her.

Ms. Sakshi Mehta Lakhani and Mr. Manik Lakhani

My ‘whisktaker’ box with the recipe was done by both over a weekend and …………..

Here is a pictorial display of the effort and exercise in Sakshi’s own words…….

My ‘whisktaker’ box finds a worthy well-wisher!

“The unboxing” – as Sakshi called it!
Aha!! We start…..

The Prep Starts….she says!

and the settling down…..she avers!

We needed a double boiler for the chocolate melting and this is what Sakshi said with her effort above!

“My Indian jugaad – double boiler”

Not a one to waste – She popped the residue into chocolate moulds!!

And Voila, Sakshi made some lovely chocolates too!!! Way to go girl!

And her effort, my ‘whisktaker’ recipe box and what does one have?

An Chocolate Biscuit Cake!!
“Amazing result!” Said Sakshi……..So glad you tried it and enjoyed doing it!!!

And my journey with a few good friends continues!

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