All we need sometimes….

I got a call one evening from my cousin who said that my last blog was for her and she topped the list of people who wanted my recipe for a happy life. Well, don’t we all?

Another friend messaged a couple of blogs earlier about forgetting that it was my blog and felt she was thinking out loud.

Both these observations made me smile some more.

It also took me back many years ago to the time when after losing my mother, I had some very heartless & insensitive encounters with certain humans.

I learn from all situations and my biggest learning from being amid those cold beings was quite historical: Never, ever try to act as if everything that could happen to someone seem trivial, the minute that person starts to enumerate it for you and never top it with a “I had encountered it too and it is nothing” insensitivity.

All we need sometimes is just a patient pair of ears, an indulgent friend and a huge dose of compassion. If you have gone through the same pain, then be mindful of the huge baggage one carries around during such moments. We are already breaking down under its weight, why add to our misery?

A nagging pain, an intermittent headache, a general feeling of being indisposed, of being disinclined to find anything positive in our daily routines – Well, this is something each of us has gone through at some point or the other and in some measure of degree of intensity in our lives. The showing of support should mean something in the real sense.

The power to heal should be transferred to the other person in front of you who needs it. Why make it another opportunity for you to restore and repair yourself?

 Mending oneself from the emotional scaring takes a lot more effort and time than a physical hurt. Being always mindful of this when someone confides in you or seeks you for comfort & relief is when it becomes one’s moral responsibility to help alleviate the mood and mental happiness of that person.

In the bargain, remember to keep your sanity intact and rearrange your own feelings and thoughts because each of us has repaired ourselves from one or the other scar of trauma in our lives and each of us has been in rehabilitation for its after-effect. Brace yourselves against a relapse.

I have always been there for friends and family but when their agony becomes like a leech, feeding-off my own mental happiness and peace – I take my bows and go for my curtain call.

I learn from all situations and my biggest learning from being agony aunt to such beings was quite historical: Withdraw the minute, the person who you are being helpful and considerate to, stops making their own effort to improve their situation and continues to act like a martyr’s memorial. You have stopped helping him/her when that stage arrives.

I love it when my writing has a take-away for everyone. I do not do it for any commercial success, nor do I do it specifically for anyone, to please anyone. I do it because it helps me to vent my thoughts and feelings onto the virtual paper and it lets my imagination and love for expression take wings. If others feel that it echoes some part of them – Oh! It is humbling and makes me thankful.

All we need sometimes is just a nudge, a small dosage of the happiness elixir and a big ‘it shall be ok’ hug and then all the mountainous problem seem so surmountable.

All we need sometimes is someone who rises above the mundane to do something unexpected and then the magic of that moment returns.

All we need sometimes are appreciative words which recognize the smallest of gestures we may have done for someone and then it all seems worthwhile.

All we need sometimes is only a joyful greeting and a warm smile to lift a down-in-the-dumps spirit.

All we need sometimes is a cheery ‘Hello’ as we dial a number or pick up the phone and it helps banish any fowl mood we may be experiencing.

My list is endless, but one thing is for sure: Reach out to people who care for you when you are feeling low and miserable and some self-pity and gloomy and dispirited and wretched.

Also reach out to share with those who care for you when you are feeling happy and joyful and optimistic and chirpy and buoyant.

You can never tell when and who would take a bit of what you say or write away with themsleves and feel so much better.

I feel lighthearted when I put my thoughts to words.

Let’s reach out to each other for sometimes that’s all we may need!

Sometimes it is about what we view from the balconies of our mind……..the focus can get disturbed and we may give importance to something which is trivial rather than significant.
My view from the balcony through a new feature I tried on my phone got me my curtain rather than the lawn below – it also got me thinking that it is often techniques available with us which are faulty or used inappropriately which lead us into particular situations. Don’t over analyze but do think it over and readjust your reaction meter!
Small beginnings are enough many a time…… steps towards taming our mind goes a long way in maintaining our mental health.
Aha! How true and since it is self-explanatory, I shan’t elaborate!!!
Photo courtesy goes to my cousin who travelled to some place years ago and sent me these…the background & reason eludes me today!

All I need sometimes is a heavy dose of what I love to do……bake, create, write, read…..helps bring back a perspective!

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