A Spoonful of laughter, a dash of happiness…..

My recipe for a Happy Life!

….is all one needs to change the contour of our face. A scowl becomes a charming smile, and the wound-up muscles of the shoulders and arms relax as if suddenly on a hammock.

Each time a flurry of footsteps would be heard on our stairs or some muffled vehicle’s engine, expectantly we would be at the main door to open the latch. A surprised dhobi (laundary person) or a taken-aback guard constable would be behind that noise. Their stunned expressions as they gauged hastily what could be the reason for me to open the door almost always had me in splits. For their first thoughts maybe were: Blast, what was it that we did wrong now!!

The comforted smiles after they realized that all was well and the wait was for something else, was rib-tickling. My son remarked that he apparently caught one, wiping his brow in relief. Must definitely be an exaggeration, but my dear son thought that the situation justified the use of a generous amount of hyperbole. Behati ganga mien haat dhona – a Hindi proverb which has its close cousin in the English one: Make hay while the sun shines – using a situation to one’s advantage.

The wait was for hubby dearest who refused to make it home before eight in the evening nee night. My work gets stretched into midnight in such scenarios. In the bargain, we would end up having pots of tea, literally running out of milk each evening and raiding the refrigerator for some unwanted snack because tummies would grumble. My dad’s simplistic solution of instructing my son to ask “Daddy to come home latest by five-thirty in the evening” was another ludicrous counsel which had me want to go and scream into the wind outside. How is an advice like this of any help when the person in question is someone who does work most thoroughly & conscientiously & meticulously &……Well, I have run out of synonyms and I doubt a thesaurus can show any more for a similar description.

Solution to this problem had to be found in some mirth and some witty sarcasm or else the never-ending late home dinners were getting irksome & annoying. As my father was dispensing with his advice, a thought struck me, and I thought I should get serious on my ultimatum to hubby dearest about being with us on an earthly hour for dinner. My dinner invite to him had him message back a ROFL emoji.

Used some witty sarcasm to let hubby dearest know that someone else needs his time too!
We are seriously thinking of meeting him through his PA with an appointment at his office……Wicked!

It worked and we had dinner on time, but another annoying issue continued to nag – continuous phone calls. Would need to think up something for this too, I guess! Working on it……..

During the making of the idea above, the afternoon was unusually warm, and a simple conversation had turned to an exasperating, unnecessary argument with my son who feels that no one wants to listen to him. I wonder often why he says that because he is ‘the’ person who is listened to the most at home. But as a parent of an otherwise, most of the time agreeable boy who loves to do all things mundane & commonplace with the same enthusiasm each day – I let his silly statement slip away yet again into uncommented oblivion. I wanted something cold to drink. In between moments like this I oft wonder why my system starts this craving for something cold to drink. The person on the other side thinks I am not paying attention while poor me is only trying to grab something to hydrate myself after a draining tête-à-tête. Was saved today by a courier. Surprisingly, it brought cheer rather than a fear. Of the virus, sanitizing, isolating…..after all of that the contents brought in a lot of sunniness to the already warm afternoon. None of us minded the extra warmth.

Warm wishes from afar – it is extremely touching when someone thinks of you and wishes you and keeps you in their thoughts….the most wonderful feeling of being thought-off, in these times, is overwhelmingly poignant!

As my son continues to study from here and his university life, his homely accommodation and his beloved car languish without him back there while he hungers to get back with friends and his routine, the warm heart-felt greeting from his college staff member – a dear wonderful lady: Ms. Jeannine transported him in an instant back there. It also reinforced my contention that genuineness & sincerity is a heartwarming trait universally. Putting together knick-knacks, the dear lady wished my son and me an incredibly happy new year with a slice of the place which he loves and now calls his new home and blessings in the form of rosaries. The moving and touching parcel brought forth poignant care & wishes from acquaintances who have become an important part of our lives.

My recipe for a happy life got made in one afternoon and the euphoric feeling continues….

A spoonful of laughter

A dash of happiness

A mugful of mindfulness

An ounce of tolerance

A pinch of sanity

A heart full of love

Fold it all into a home with family. Beat in some fragrant thoughtfulness, mix well. Add a sprinkling of good-natured understanding. Pop it into your heart and mind oven and let it bake each moment. Will be done almost instantly. Voila! you have your Happy Life cake ready to savor and live!

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