The 5-10-20 concept!!

Each year has its own unusual dates. Well, obviously, there always shall be because that year in time has not happened before. Since the morning we have had the 5-10-20 concept wishes deluging our internet and wishing our joys double like the date today.

No harm in wishing for the doubling and all. But my contention is simple and ask this of all those who may have looked at it with excitement or scepticism or a little of both – that what is it about the 5-10-20 concept which actually appealed to each of us?

For me frankly I do not want the 5-10-20 concept anywhere near me as of now because for starters I do not know how to ask for only something to be doubled while leaving out the other part. I do not want Covid timelines to double though I want its effect to wane off double time from our lives.

As a pure concept, the idea of doubling one’s happiness or gratefulness is eternal and omnipresent. As a new fancy date from this year’s calendar – it looks nice on paper for the visual effect. And my objection is to the ‘20’ in the end – the whole year has been royally regaled to the dustbins of a virulent virus and the patience with everything – ourselves, the system, the rhetoric, the stupidity is getting to each of us…….so as of now: No Thank you, the 5-10-20 concept is not appealing at all.

Even if less travelled, at the moment I do not mind going on a solo road trip to nowhere with a no return ticket!
Something I always took for granted now seems like a distant, distant dream……with no gleaming light at the end either!!
Never thought how symbolic a time standing still would be ever when I revisit my travels through my pictures!!
I miss my family vacations and the mundane walks, the amazing beauty which over these two decades had become a huge part of my life now seem from the faraway lands…….
My favorite beach in the world where land and sea always seemed in such perfect coordination and sync that I would spend hours just listening into the incessant waves hit the pebbles again and again!!!

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