Keep it small, but effective!

The shining sun, the beautiful blue Hyderabad sky, my green, green lawn which I have done myself, my adorable pet rabbits with their amazingly happy hutches, my frolicking fishes and my darling turkeys – made up the small but highly effective concoction of a happiness morning! The requirements for a happy feeling are often so simple that we tend to overlook most signs, unknowingly.

It is not about wisdom; it is about realisations. And today morning the breeze and the sunlight made me thankful for so many things, yet again. Leaving aside the privilege of having a home, roof, food on the plate – regular thankful prayers, I have added a few more things to my new list these days. The ridiculously small things which we tend to overlook and discard as we make our mental lists of what makes us happy.

Being able to open my eyes in my comfy bed with the thought that I had survived to be able to open my eyes on yet another glorious day – gives a grateful rush of feelings.

A hot cup of my favourite brew in my hands, as I see my son with his tuff of unruly hair from under his duvet sleeping blissfully and hubby dearest waving from across the other room his good morning – no this feeling cannot just be passed over. I shall not let it happen. I did not!

The cute little chirping of that reddish breasted small birdie from one window to another as it looks for food for its young ones is an audio delight no 7 channel-stereo music can match.

I keep most things in my life uncluttered like this. Simple. Just there. No jingoism, no symbolism, no ostentatiousness, no living by the number of likes or shares, the most simplistic what’s app list of friends, no fancifulness in any of my status updates – simple, pure joyous delight in my present day, everyday thoughts and feelings from it. Its small my world but it is the most effective.

When I emerged 10 days later with a Blog, many opened my forward with eager devouring and each of them called to say that they did not think, ‘me’ was the reason for my being off the radar – everyone other than me!!!

See, it had to be the toughest of the lot who had to see the hogwash of the virus from that other perspective – often lost in rhetoric & magniloquence. The toughened cookie made it still because her list was small, but effective. My family and my small circle of friends got me back.

No, this feeling cannot just be passed over. I shall not let it happen. I did not!

Doing things which give me happiness of my kind is all I look for…….
The happiness chirping cannot be heard but you can feel the thrill, nonetheless…..
My space, my family, my friends, my thoughts…… the green, the light n shade and the spring in my steps!

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