Change the color of blue…..

For someone given in to symbolism in a large way and for someone who is a die-hard romantic, my views are radical to say the least and border on idealistic almost always! Very few things or situations unnerve me and there is never anything which pulls me down or makes me mope for too long. Those who know me, know all of this and more. For those who do not it does not really matter then, who is writing the post. If it appeals to them, they shall read it otherwise discard it by the wayside of innumerable writings which have sprouted up dime a dozen in these online social media times, anyways.

See this is the kind of realism which I live by. I know when my influence starts and when it ends, and I do not try to take over any new mantle or cudgels where there are none.

Ten days gone by and I sit today on my system to write my thoughts and to express my feelings of a fortnight of my life. Well, so? What big deal? True that. A fortnight of my life? Who the hell’s interested dear, anyways? No one.

Absolutely right. But I am and this is my blog, my space, and my readership – small but a dedicated number who appreciate my pearly wisdom and who love me for the kind of person I try to be. Thus, what started off as a very ordinary couple of days of nauseated headaches and dizziness, landed me in one of the most transforming moments of my life. None knew what came over, passed by, and hit me hard. Did I, myself? Nope!!! Still no one knows, except my few close friends and my immediate family.

Hearing of the virus and then being smug in the immediate satisfaction that it is missed our bus, is stupid enough. But to have been through it all and now kind of graduate to be a Covid warrior who has all the ‘gyan’ of the world is also another idiotic extreme. I have been at both places and do not want to be in either or one place anymore. Though with Mr. And Mrs. Trump I now keep august company as well!!!!

I shall not be talking of what should be, what was done, how you can stay safe, what you need to keep in mind – for that we have several and more surviving warriors. I told you I delve into the mundane and the boring.

So, I shall talk of the colour of humanity. The colour which has shaken me to the core, and which has made me sit behind the walls of the best hospitals in the world and want to rip that shard of clothing threadbare with my bare hands and paint it, colour it or plain redo it with my craft brush – what you will and may – but change that noxious ‘blue’ to the right colour of humanity.

The aqua blue which has been feted to be the colour of kindness/ godsend/ compassion has taken on the colour of apathy, greed, cruelty, indifference & dispiritedness. I want it hung out to dry and I want it deluged with whatever colour brings back the sanctity of being a human being.

Oh, where was she? Which hospital was it? Oh dear how disgusting…..the pennons will be standard and as hard-hitting gossipy as can be.

But the unfortunate part, dear friends is that it is not about any one hospital or set of doctors or set of Corporates or group of individuals. It is about who we have become. It is about who we have chosen to become and chose to stay as. The cliched lines can be discarded aside and I am going today with the simple, straight-forward ones.

Starting with: amid anarchy is there light? Yes, maybe but farther and farther away.

Amid the apathy is there hope? Yes, maybe but it is drowning fast.

And I do not have time! I cannot be told to hang on to some shred of this hope or that. NO! I want my country back NOW!!

See the die-hard romantic – comes out again. But this time I speak ONLY and ONLY for myself. I have since my return from my close shave with inhuman, stopped telling people what my young son is studying or getting his degree in.

I proudly state since yesterday that I have made him into a wonderful human being and the world, and my country is one young man a better place to be!

I rest my case. But my crusade to change the blue to humanity is still on…….

……Change the color to humanity, the blue is a disgrace……or so it has been made into one!
It is too naïve, I know but…….
I even drew and tried to leave a message…..apart from a few giggles, I know it shan’t do more, thus I want to change the color of humanity to anything from BLUE to……anything which does not make me as sick !!!!

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