Some thoughts from this time of the last year,
When the coming one did not seem near!
Carefree, full of promise, calm & tranquil,
For everything, our hearts were thankful!
A vacation unique & irreplaceable,
Time and all my actions still traceable,
Yet they seem so distant & unreal today
As I am yearning to wish this year away!!
While politics get mired with reality,
And the differences vanish between dishonesty & morality
Difficult times like these show us
The worthlessness of any dialogue or points to discuss!!
There is a government for whom, we know not,
We are the portion of the segment it forgot,
The lines are blurred between every societal part
Actions & reactions are happening without any heart!!

Being left in the lurch, all by ourselves,
The situation at hand is what compels,
All of us to act, engage & maybe exploit
Especially when there is no checkpoint!!
‘Essential’ is deemed thus for reasons unknown,
And for lack of this understanding I am not alone,
The fearful impact of the company amiss
No one can casually dismiss!!
Children crave the company of friends,
Fashion is missing on all the hep, new trends,
While somehow each of us is learning to keep alive
There is never ‘quality’ in the strife to just survive!!
Many are cooking and the other half teaching,
As the Earth heals, the other one-third are preaching,
Some like us are devoting their time
Running our homes & washing the grime!!
A mundane task often occupies my day,
Like many others I can hardly predict my today,
But in between the routine and common place,
New tasks were embraced & myths displaced!!!
The new year saw me uncertain of what I wanted to do
I often wondered & reasons tried to review,
Now I know why I desisted taking up something new,
There would be a virus wreaking havoc, I hadn’t the clue!!
With one half of the year inside four walls,
And the other half under an uncertain recall,
I am tempted to rewind my life to my memories,
And hoping to find viable remedies!!!
Memories of my trips to where family is…….I miss it all!
Memories of meeting people for my first book – a very dear mentor: Mrs. Madhubala Kapoor Mam – a legend and a wonderful human being!
Memories of warmth and love – Shall miss my hugs with the people I love – Mrs. Madhubala Kapoor mam – a legend and contributor to both my books at both my book launches!!
Memories……my second book launch in February 2020 , in conversation with Mrs. Anjali Razdan, CEO, G.D.Goenka Schools, Hyderabad and an amazing person, vibrant humorist and contributor to both my books ……………….the virus was there but we were safe still!!! If only it had stayed that way…….
Memories – for my first book as I clicked away, an animated discussion between Mrs. Seetha Murty, Director, Silver Oaks International School and her lively bunch of Primary graders – Sigh, those were the days!!
Memories of when educators like Mrs. Seetha Murty, Director, Silver Oaks International School and a contributor to both my books would make schools the hub of wonderful and animated learning……..I am sure all kids and their teachers are wishing for all those days to come back soon!
Memories from my second book launch – The panel discussion anchored by Ms. Rubina Majid, another eminent educator who is Consultant with Scholastic, TCS iON and Head Learning Resource Center, Hyderabad,,,,Oh! How we miss our times doing discussions and meeting which were always much more than official do’s!
Memories……from animated connects with teachers in real time to virtual online classes in a matter of a few months…..Sigh, we wish for those human connections, those heart-to-heart discussions……we wish for those days to be back soon!
Memories from my second book launch – Oh, those gatherings with friends, that wonderful meeting of minds, being socially near……we definitely want those back!
Memories of meeting people like Ms. Neha Mathur, Head, Bright Spark, an education vertical of the Youngistaan foundation for my first book in a lovely cafe...Love the Sour dough from here (Cafe Eclat) and Neha’s made me its fan!!!
Memories of bringing together some of the brightest minds in education on one platform for one book!!!
Memories of sharing my precious moments with some dearest friends and the most wonderful human beings – In the fore-ground in deep blue: Ms. Nivedita, Founder of Dirty Feet with her team of enthusiastic members who bring alive so many rich experiences for children…….
Memories of times spent in those good times!!!!
Memories of looking beyond today far into that future which we know not of but wish to have…..I am still looking and star gazing into that beautiful crystal ball of hope and YES, shall definitely redeem my life again!!!!

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