Keep your spirits high!!!

No one knows what is open or closed,
The apathy, the chaos lies exposed.
No one knows which rules are in or out,
Lock or unlock situation throughout?
Save the janta from your games,
The blames, the politics & the claims,
Remember we figured it out on our own
Though the situation for each was unknown.
Friends keep your sanity,
The virus may be a reality,
But do remember it is up to us
To deal with it either by prudence or emotional fuss!
We know enough already,
And the past few months have made us ready,
Keep all facts close and all precautions
In place, while all options you exercise.
Being positive, happy, moping, or desolate is a choice,
And no one is saying you rejoice,
But keeping in mind that fortitude & resilience
Shall be the qualities seeing us thru this experience!
See the immense positivity and hope coupled with a rare innocence as my talented nephew drew the cannon and decided that basting the virus right out into space would rid us of the menace!!!
Another talented nephew who prophesied that masks would become the norm much before the government order came along and was recognized for his innovative art!
And the completed drawing has much detailing… wonder we were amongst the top 25 positions in the country!!!!!!
Wow!!! The younger generation are looking beyond the morbidity!!! And it was for the above drawing!!!
My little nephew also utilized his time to innovate with recipes he thought up of. He sent me the recipe typed on his Mom’s phone thus: Mausi, these are the steps for making the dish.
First, cut two pieces of bread into round shape with the help of a Katori.
Then put a piece of bread at the bottom and spread some pizza and pasta sauce.
Next, put some chaat matar and spread some grated cheese (any company cheese cubes).
Put the other piece of bread.
Bake it in the oven.
Put 4-5 pieces of an apple and garnish with a sprig of mint.
Serve hot.
Yum!!!! It really was as I tried it for breakfast!

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