Stories can be found everywhere!

It is often in the most innocuous circumstances and situations that one can find stories, tucked away secretly and waiting for us to look for them, discover them and narrate them for the world.

I find them everywhere.

This is the most indulgent dessert I have had in sometime…..was brave enough to let go and get myself these profiteroles with ice cream and decadent chocolate sauce to go with it!
A story in this signature dessert from the kitchens of Pantagonia Ice Creams , Queenstown and has been on their menu forever.
Oh yes! The choice is always ours and I exercise this choice ALWAYS!!
A story in the corridors of the student halls of St. Cats, Western Australia – being there and looking out for each student under their care.
Yes, the carbon footprints need to be reduced…….each is trying and an educated public helps to make it a reality.
The story in the Farmer’s Market in the quaint town of Southland, New Zealand – social distancing? Well, we don’t see people for miles together as we drive 200 kilometres or more except the chewing Sheep!
More sheep than people!
A story in the beauty which abounds this nation and which I have come to call home!
Oh my travels to some of my favourite places in the world – Sydney at past midnight!
A story in the sunset of a city which never sleeps.
Ah! remembered the delectable sweet and sour taste of this wonderful candy: ROC Candy, Perth.
A story in each of their designs within the small tiny pieces of delight – a wedding gift or a graduation hamper.
Pieces of theories of science everywhere, explained with the most fantastic displays.
The stories inside Puzzling World, Wanaka, New Zealand is one of the most enchanting place to be.
An idea I got, to create something cool and great…..we are coming out with it soon!!!
Our story to create another story!

2 thoughts on “Stories can be found everywhere!

  1. Lovely….and so true. The pictures are beautiful.


    1. Thank you….glad it touched you somewhere!


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