Being Responsive means a million things to me!

Many things come from just a few,
It could be emotions, reactions or feelings anew,
From giving more in the available ‘less’,
Defines who you really are, nonetheless.
I am responsive because I remain flexible,
To the new-fangled thinking of the delectable
Generation of millennials, (like my son), amongst us
With whom instead of disagreeing, makes sense to discuss!
I am responsive because I am approachable,
As a leader or a friend, the connection is emotional,
For I feel, comprehend and consider,
And to the problem a solution always deliver!
I am responsive because I remain alive,
To everyone’s predicaments & their difficulties recognize,
While it may always be easy to be judgmental,
But pays to be supportive & gentle!
I am responsive because I am sensitive,
To meanings & value of words uttered being imperative,
Otherwise anyone can be apathetic or indifferent,
With no difference between flippant & consistent!
I had put measures in place much before the COVID virus seriousness had caught on in our land!!
Being proactive is also being responsive!
Always striving as an educator to make learning innovative, different and interesting.
Being creative is also being responsive!
Who said the Life’s road would be easy and simple?
Being adaptive & accommodating to uncertainties is also being responsive!

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