Going for the Jugular takes a new meaning in these trying times!

Racing to outdo another.

Trying to be ahead each time.

Speeding to reach the top.

Dashing about 24 hours a day.

Battling a war with others and ourselves.

Sounds familiar, I am sure. Let us admit that sometime, somewhere, we were part of this mindless game we tried to pass off as ‘life’. I have been there too. But that was so many years ago that it seems like a history lesson from my life’s texts. Yet this realisation did not come without a price.

The price when I weighed it with the time, energy, and effort it took to maintain that contest, was simply not worth it at all. I got the prudence and wisdom soon enough and fortunately without the wisdom tooth, so I saved myself the agony of a pointless game.

I discovered that I needed to race no doubt but race with myself and my demons. To outdo them rather than others. It did not matter who were in the race with me for I should be my own biggest competition. And have been since.

I understood that staying ahead in my game was important but ahead of what I was the year before and what I was yesterday. That was what was more significant & relevant. And there would be no ‘every time’ because if I was perfect, I would not be human.

The excitement of challenging myself and find that energy within drove me on since the year this wisdom dawned on me. I have been asked by many what it is that drives me on, what it is that keeps me animated, what it is that helps me sparkle. All who know me would agree that it is not the looks, which I do not have. It is not the money which has never been there but has always been enough. It is not the fame which is only that which I have amongst my friends and which I have worked hard to earn.

So, it is just that ‘going for the jugular’ has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Try encouraging friends. Attempt to cheer a colleague. Asist your mate in the next project. Inspire others around you by being selfless. Persuade thoughts with honesty. Raise the bar of work ethics each time you are in a workplace.

You will never be indispensable and always replaceable everywhere (except with your family) but upgrade the standards so much that your legacy is remembered for decades and becomes the talk for generations.

Let that be the new meaning. Redefine, rewrite, redo!

What a delight to have found this random picture among-st my collection…..it is so apt for my post above. I shall elaborate:
The SMILIE with the love-hearts as eyes is the ‘YOU’ spreading the cheer and love;
The up, up and away is what your acts will take you too – way above the others!
The ‘doubtful’ is rightly hidden away and should disappear from your actions!
The evil eye will keep you from all harms way because you shall definitely be envied when you become the new YOU!!
(Shall now explain the real reality behind each of the above: the Smilie is always there to remind me of how my days should be: Happy (its difficult but i try most of the times), the ‘Up Up and Away’ are the hot air balloon guys in Christchurch, New Zealand who gave us an amazing experience thousand of miles above the land in a hot sir balloon; the Doubtful sound is a natural glacier sound in New Zealand one of the most amazing scenic tours I have ever taken or seen; the Evil eye was hung on my school room bulletin board to ward off what kind of evil, I never could understand but since it was a gift I never questioned the deed!!)

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