Demonstrating our caliber!

Stepping on the steps,
Running kilometres on a mill,
Doing push-ups & the crunches,
Walking that extra mile & missing those lunches!
The gyms & the parks
Had the faithful flock to them,
The former took home the greens
While in the latter it was hardly seen.
None thought that a routine
To help the homemaker with the daily chores
Or doing the housework on their own,
Was enough as an exercise alone!
The mindsets of being dependent
And having a fleet of others do our work,
While the oft ill-gotten wealth
Could be flouted, just showed our mental health!
Being empathetic isn’t always about others,
It also shows that one isn’t indifferent
To the fact that to acknowledge & be aware
Of members near us who slog every day, is to care!
Instead of spending millions exercising
On machines with many watts damaging our (ear) drums,
How responsive & sensitive it would be
To help with household chores beyond this lock-down too,
Many would agree!!!
With a busy, crazy routine,
The fear & scare so near each day,
Yet my hubby helps each day thus,
And declared that truly he could not understand the exercise fuss!!
Many would agree that the time
Of being indoors, scared of this unknown fear
Has helped many of us to realize
That only when you do, you emphasize!!
With a new normal in every sphere
And redefining of trade and craft
Of businesses, careers & offices,
Our understanding is undergoing a total metamorphosis.
I doubt home makers will be now be frowned upon,
And the wealthy will dare take their swagger along,
For COVID has leveled the playing fields,
And none can now hide behind any pseudo shields!
It’s actually been fun to watch the rich & famous,
Hide in their expensive pads,
And the luckless folks in these COVID times
Are doing what desperate times require oftentimes.
Reinventing themselves, through a poor man’s routine,
Trying to cook, bake and clean, they do
As hapless us have to watch the ‘Star’
Do routines which for many ranks as ‘daily’ 
But for them it seems is a COVID memoir!
Nonetheless these times will make everyone learn
To co-exist, to co-habit together
For the space shall and has started to shrink
And as egoism disappears, all need to rethink!
Grab on to the new mantra, Folks,
All those who believed in narcissism & pride
Remember the ‘Novel Corona’ has turned the narrative
And to collaborate now becomes imperative!
This different tale will elevate
You from the stalemate
Helping you to gravitate
Towards remaining a heavyweight
Who can celebrate,
And demonstrate
To everyone that this is where we are headed straight!
Many of us would need to step out and down from our mighty castles!!!
(the beautifully crafted castle slide in Queens park, New Zealand)
Its amazing i found this picture in my collection of personal memories – the exercise routine amidst the natural greenery…….these times hopefully would teach us respect for a tax-payers money!

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