Everyone learned!

I longingly looked at him,
I wished his arms around me,
But alas! this virus has spoilt
Our relationship beyond all points!
The lovely brown, the warm yellow
The soothing blue, the pastel pink,
The sexy silhouette, the lacy collar, the perfect shape,
Sigh! Due to COVID none of my dresses, I can drape!
I endearingly touched her,
Then took her close to my bosom,
I could hear her rustle & crackle
But the virus has made every day a battle.
The floral handles,
The slinky straps,
The wade of notes with a jingle of coins,
Aha! For over a month my trendy handbags have not made a noise!!
My bags, my shoes, my dresses, my jeans,
Sit sad and dejected in the shelves,
As day after day our eyes do meet,
But the virus defeats
And we have a lock-down repeat!
But my learning (as yours too, I’m sure) inside me
And within my home has been immense,
And both the insides of my myself & my home
Know now how much with each other, they now roam!!
We had our different paths but now each has to tread on the same as we stare at years of a new constant ahead….so lets learn to re-invent, re-learn and be thankful again!
The small rivulet on the levees, the perfect walking track back where I call home!
(picture courtesy: Brother dearest)
Our race in LIFE had blurred our visions in the short term but this crisis has helped most of us get the focus for the time ahead and what we want our LIFE to be now,
I hope all have learnt their lessons and will remember them too!

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