The paradox of our times!

These times were necessary too
To make each realize
That we were not Lord Almighty
Though people should see His reflection in us!
We often ended up saying
That we hardly had time to spare
Neither for family nor friends
While today time hasn’t spared any of us!
The busy lifestyles on the run
Made us unavailable for life
Now with a pandemic fear
We sit in fear of life itself!
We played God everywhere
Thought that we had beaten Him
Disregard for our planet, we played with it too
Now our own intelligence has failed us so.
Our contempt for balance
The ignorance of signs
All the turning a blind eye
Has left us with a black instead!
The indifference towards everything
The disdain, the scorn showed on faces
As the ground shook beneath our feet
We scrambled to search for divine far & wide!
A day would dawn on us
Who had thought some four months back
That half the year would pass
With the world shut down under a pandemic scare.
We had not thought ever
That in our lifetimes we would see
A shock as this which would make
Every human to fear his own kind!
“The disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology”
I found them around me in a beautiful and amazing city in Australia – my other favorite place in the place!

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