Making our Inside the beauty of the Outside……

Clichéd? Known? Maybe. But never kept in mind. The concept of beauty is often so limited that I find it tedious to even discuss it with anyone. Not being against make-up and physical beauty in any way, I feel the dogmatism associated with skin colour and physical features is never worth it. It attracts either/or sexes for some time but when needed the most it is the most irrelevant of all human features.

Since I don’t dwell on it too much myself and that’s often the last feature, I notice in anyone, always…… I shan’t devote my entire blog post on it either.

Instead I explore the beauty as I view it through my pictures…..

Ruby red fresh harvest of cherries from my Dad’s small home orchard – there’s beauty in everything you work hard for!
Picture courtesy: Brother dearest
Oh yes! There’s beauty in everything about Queenstown – my favorite place in the world. Love the sky, the magic of the clouds with the naughty sun – picture perfect!!
Picture Courtesy: Brother dearest who sneaks in on the moments without even they knowing that they are being captured!
There is beauty in the sophisticated hand-embroidery from the Scandinavian countries! So brings alive my table!
Picture perfect, insanely beautiful country and again my favorite place to be in the world!
Aha! Nostalgia – its about home, its about family. its about some place which gives you peace…..its sheer BEAUTY!
There’s definitely beauty in my baking – dry fruit tarts!

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