Devising Designs for everyone!

It helps to be simple,
When you say or do.
For interest you can kindle,
When what you say comes true!
If you create let it be uncomplicated,
When you draw make it elementary.
Let everything be demonstrated,
And examples a plenty.
No point in doing something
Which is understood by only a few.
Then spreading knowledge means nothing
As no one understands it but you!
Share with a large heart always,
For happiness can be easily multiplied.
The benefits will then amaze,
And the reach amplified.
Knowledge increases as we devise,
And design newer methods of creating,
Chains of expertise which help improvise
Making everything captivating!
Ideas I share freely……
….ideas which can help many friends who are educators……
…….Something about our national day……..
….Ideas which come from anything around us…..
….our inputs can come in any shapes and sizes much like the ideas in this chart!
Shared some amazing recipes personally tested and used with my young son for his school lunch box as part of a special booklet for parents in my last institution…..
Sharing doubles my happiness!
Recycling for everything and creating for all festivals by thinking inventively!

3 thoughts on “Devising Designs for everyone!

  1. What a delightful and inspiring post!


  2. Beautiful! Especially the Ganesha. Your ideas will be very useful to teachers of very young kids..


    1. Thank you….I hope my ideas help others…..purpose served!


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