Consistency = 100% (Commitment + Excellence) x 24 x 7

It is never in success that one talks of the methods applied. Often all else gets drowned in the euphoria and the excitement. That also leads many of us to get lulled into thinking that success was a sum of only 24 x 7 effort. It is. But just about 30%.

My maths about anything with numbers hasn’t been strong at all. So, mathematically my title equation may be wrong, but I don’t care because I attribute my success to this simple straightforward equation which has worked quite well for me. My explanation is not based on any research or data collected over a large sample size. I am an Economics student myself but when it comes to my own life, I apply common sense theories. This is one.

Whether it is baking or life the fundamentals remain almost the same. As with the ingredients of a cake, so with life’s, it’s ideal if all are available. But it is also ok to innovate and substitute, if the ideal ones aren’t available. The end results aren’t dependent on just the ingredients. It depends to a large extent on the technique adopted to execute it and controlling the other external factors.

For ages, we never had ‘cream cheese’ available in India but I learnt from my mom about substituting it with freshly made paneer and some thick curd mixed together to the perfect consistency. Our desserts turned out as yummy and as perfect even then.

For decades we did not have the sugar thermometers available in India (at least to the household, home bakers who did not even have that lucky family relative staying in the US!), but a small bowl with ice cold water, worked just as well when I had to see the ideal consistency of the boiling sugar syrup as I made the tricky American frosting.

My lists are endless. I have never quarrelled with my equipment even if I haven’t managed anything well. Neither in my baking nor at my workplace. Though important, they are never the sole reason for churning out sub-standard work.

Hard work of the 24 x 7 kind is always required but along with that is always required 100% commitment 365 days a year plus a desire and strive for excellence. One cannot work at less than 100% commitment and/or excellence and endeavour to achieve accomplishment & victory. It isn’t something one switches on or off at your own convenience, for it is not a light switch which needs to be switched off to save power. Doing something well all the time is your power!

And this has its side-effect benefits too. Skill development, gratification, joy, endorsement, self-esteem enhancement – again the list can get endless.

Consistency is often the only line dividing excellence and shoddiness, brilliance and tackiness, quality work and mediocre work, worth for an organisation and insignificance. It shall always get down to the choice we exercised.

Do we want to compromise on Consistency by power-saving on commitment, excellence and effort?

I love to draw analogies between my environment & my life and have always found it pairing well while imparting me with a colorful, & often delicious understanding!
My cake on one Republic Day – innovated with the unavailability of a cake board & the steel ‘thali’ (plate) worked just as well. The Consistency of the American frosting was more important!
My American Frosting – ‘beat over a pan of hot water/need a double boiler’ – I innovate with an old hardy, Prestige pressure pan filled with water and a normal steel stand (which we use to put our hot pans on) inside to give my beating bowl the required distance from the heat below.
I get perfect results – have been since more than two decades!
The consistency should be there along with the right technique – with the effort and the other two ingredients too in place then the results will definitely be spectacular!
I take a mere 20 minutes to pop my cake into the oven whatever the recipe, and with great results – practice makes a (wo) man perfect!
Every effort , every day should be perfect to its last detail of execution like the perfectness of this landscape from my most favorite place in the world!

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