Lion-hearted, Am I!!

Different dictionaries but similar meanings. I guess I could not have chosen a better subject for a water-colour.

Enlarging it significantly from a less than 1.5-inch x 2-inch photograph in an India Today magazine, I guess its ‘lion-heartedly adventurous’ on my part to have attempted it.

I really do not know what fascinated me instantly about it to want to do a water-colour.

May be my ‘lion-heartedly fearless’ attitude at dealing with situations?

Or possibly my ‘lion-hearted audaciousness’ to take risks and tread whereeven angles fear to tread?

Or maybe my ‘lion-hearted gallantry’ to help friends even at my own personal peril and comfort.

Or perhaps my ‘lion-hearted gutsiness’ at looking for solutions amidst problems and staying optimistic in all scenarios?

Well, whatever the reasons – my lion themed painting now sits proud on my drawing room wall and reminds me that pursuing my love and passion for those things which I love gives me far greater happiness than anything I do out of obligatory arrangement/or compulsion or force or disinterest – or all rolled into one!!

Loved picking up the brushes and dabbling in the paints!!
Each brush stroke was similar to our reaction to situations and each color like our different situations in life!!

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