Let’s go back to learning our ABC’s…in the New Year!

 Applaud – authenticity around us
 Better - ourselves
 Champion – those who spread cheer
 Dare – to speak up more against unethical practices
 Emphasize – on excellence
 Facilitate – more learning
 Give – with an open heart
 Hear – what others are saying
 Initiate – more good practices in your chosen profession
 Journey – more into self-realization
 Keep – special people close
 Loosen – up on archaic beliefs
 Marvel – every new day you get
 Notice – the good work which people are doing
 Own – your thoughts & success
 Practice – what you preach
 Quit – the company of negative people
 Review – your work to better yourself
 Sprinkle – some cheer around
 Talk – less, listen more
 Unlock – your own potential
 Visit – your own thoughts more often
 Welcome – new ideas with an open mind
 Xerox – all the good memories & times
 Yearn – to better yourself 
 Zoom – into being a better version of yourself this year!!! 
From Sunrise onward……being thankful for a new day shows gratefulness!
….till Dusk – a day well lived, adds up to make up a life!
We are the shore, with the events being the endless waves – how we react: with resilience or cowardice defines what our shoreline looks like towards the end!
And the journey continues into another New Year…..another time!

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