These are a few of my favorite things……………

I read an article a week ago about how seasons affect the mental health and moods of a person. It seemed providential for I was having a similar conversation with my cousin who is based in Lucknow. She shared how the dreary, no-sun winters give her the creeps from end December. Thus, we figured out that there were always certain things which helped uplift our moods, irrespective of the situations we would find ourselves in.

Most New Years’ I have spent with my father in New Zealand or traveling to some amazing place. It always starts my year on a fantastic note. Moreover, away from the mundane, everyday routines which we often follow, a change tends to boost us up! A holiday is the secret of my energy!! (Thank you, Boost!)

December 2019 turned out to be the busiest I have had, despite not being in a regular school assignment. It also happened to be the most happening one. For one I had a book deadline to maintain. My second after of course my first – which had to be. Logically, one needs to have a first book to be able to call another a second. That was exciting.

My son graduated from an amazing university in an incredibly child-focused Graduation ceremony. Being an educationist for almost three decades, it really gladdened my heart for him and saddened it a bit too because I have struggled to help bring in the much-needed change for good practises in our educational system too in our own country. But our small efforts need to be multiplied and proliferated and we have miles to go before we can say we have made our impacts. (But that requires another Blog!)

A busy last month of the year and a new assignment change for my hubby led to us not traveling for the New Year’s Eve and beyond to the southern hemisphere, though we did that just as the month started.

Being in India meant being part of greetings and wishes and sweets and flowers as the new year dawned. Also as I’ became an year old with my Blogging, I thought it merited a definite acknowledgement that some things and some people and some occasions and some situations remain on our list of favorite things – ALWAYS!

The Regional Passport Officer sent this amazingly refreshing greeting and my husband expecting another routine official letter found himself pleasantly surprised when out popped this unique greeting and the go-green push for us in this New Year with seeds – take a pick: Do you want to vege or fruit?
I choose the ‘Happy Healthy New Year’ Planner as my passport to a optimistic & bright 2020 – it shall always bring a smile to my face….these are a few of my favorite things!
What more can anyone ask for? Refreshingly brewed cappuccino and Singapore Airlines uplifted our moods after a long flight with their impeccable coco logo on top…these are a few of my favorite things!
A birthday, a red-velvet cake and some time well-spent with a family who supports all my eccentricities – what more could anyone want….these are a few of my favorite things!
A new flower, homegrown in our own Nilgiris in Ooty brought in a lovely cheer in the New Year…! Sigh!…these are a few of my favorite things!
Some creativity, some time well-spent, some saving the planet in the process and remembering stories and reading….these are definitely a few of my favorite things!
Serious puppetry, seriously looking at curriculum designing, revamping of outlooks and possibly a change of writing from about ‘the’ of education to the ‘how’ of education?
Starting with the foundation – a Kindergarten Curriculum set? Maybe!…..Surprising myself is definitely amongst a few of my favorite things!
Notes from friends, messages of good wishes, support at all times…what more could an ordinary human being want? Nothing more, I guess.
Gratitude, dear all… all are so, so very much among the few of my favorite things!
Remembering how friends and family make our moments on the blue planet worthwhile by sending across our cheers as God’s blessings keep us in good stead…….keeping those close, who kept me in their thoughts, definitely a few of my favorite things!
My favorite places, my bucket lists, my to-do-lists of before I die, my optimism of never-say-die, my championing for putting others before self & keeping the intention & ‘niyaat’ right are thoughts which are definitely amongst a few of my favorite things!

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