OH! I want to be…..

 A smart phone with social media & emails,
 A keypad with the arrow keys,
 Oh! I want to be this
 So that it’s the first thing my child sees!
 A chat, a what’s app message,
 Even a text and a call would do,
 Oh! I want to be this
 So that everyone responds to you!
 A note of the green kind
 Which makes every bank balance shine,
 Oh! I want to be this
 So that people value me by design!
 Someone who knows some secrets bad
 To make people squirm in their pants,
 Oh! I want to be this
 So that I may stand a chance!
 A mortal who knows to butter right
 A toast or a person just right
 Oh! I want to be this
 So that each time dust I don’t have to bite!

 But even though I often want to be all this
 Bemoaning the lack of human insight,
 Oh! I do not want to be all this
 So that's why I keep my values within sight!
 Showered with love and respect
 Valued for my words and deeds,
 Oh! I am (want) this now and always
 So that’s why love coming my way, all expectations exceed!! 
My soul feeds on wishes of this kind coming from the heart of the people who I treasure so dear and who love me for who I have been – yesterday, today and in the days to come!!
PYT’s who have kept in touch and refuse to let distance or time effect their love for me!
They call me ‘inspirational’ – I call them refreshingly inspiriting!!
Some more lovely people who always stand by me, support me and there for me in rain, hail or storm – having them in my life makes it incredibly marvelous!
Associations from long, long time ago turned to mutual respect and fondness – what more is life about??
A few who are remarkably supportive at all times – counting innumerable blessings always!
Thank you‘ remains a small word but comes with a huge hug for all those who have always believed in me even when no one else did!

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