My thoughts, my book and Me!

After a while it becomes mundane especially when you think a thought too often. However, with my book – the new one: The Cutting Edge – Iconic Schools, Noteworthy Curricula, Extraordinary Strategies – a book decoding the tactics, approaches, stratagems, plans and the happiness involved in the blueprint of school operations it isn’t so.The more I am thinking about it, the more I am writing the chapters, the more I figure out how I want it done – I find I am enjoying it more and the thrill of assembling my thoughts and my views and the expert interpretations & insights is virtually, academically liberating!

My book this time takes me to the doorsteps of some known faces, some new friends but very excitingly it has taken me into the groups of teachers who are teaching and decoding curricula each day in their classrooms. Yet, the most exhilarating and enthusing part of my work for my new book has been interacting with the young students with whom I loved to talk, listen and understand. Grasp and comprehend, empathise and absorb, synthesize and identify their views, ideas, fears, thoughts and vision for and of what they think of the education they are getting or want.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, couldn’t agree more!! One idea, four years in my psyche, one accidental thought, a thousand good wishes, 17 wonderful individuals, a benchmark setting book launch, family and friends firmly rooting for me. Well, The Deccan Trailblazers – Education Icons of Hyderabad had to happen!!

With my new book I embark on one more journey as I dig deeper and investigate into the various important aspects of the blueprints of the different curricula, the approaches & tactics involved in making them work, the framework available & scope of work, the methods adopted by schools and their leaders to make it work in the Indian scenario, the manoeuvres, plans and applications which go into making all of them work in our schools. I shall be talking to the experts as they endeavour to make knowledge transfer more consequential for all learners under their care. While I attempt this, my plan is to decode the gobbledygook & the interpretation of each curricula.

Looking forward to presenting the wide variety of perceptions across a large spectrum of individuals who have worked closely in school environs. That shall lend the uniqueness and ‘tadka’ (tempering with aromatic spices in Indian curries) of freshness to an often-told narrative!

I am hoping because I know!!

My first book – my pride!!
A book launch put together with insight, immense planning and support from friends who just did not refuse me anything and a family which stood rock-solid behind me…..Love you guys!!
The best wishes from well-wishers and blessings from Almighty helped me pull off my event, being my own event planner!
The Galaxy of Stars!
Hope you spot the author too!
Much like the amazing flavors of the PATAGONIA ICE CREAMS, Queenstown, my first book had a myriad personalities and my new book promises to be as flavorful!
A cup or a cone, anyone??
Well, The Cutting Edge, of course!!
The uniqueness of the lakefront in Queenstown is lent by innumerable factors much like this fabulous, newly installed sculpture – something which my new book – The Cutting Edge – Iconic Schools, Noteworthy Curricula, Extraordinary Strategies – attempts to do: Bring in a new, fresh whiff of different interpretations/insights/views on a topic which has been part of conversions since time immemorial!
Hope to bring in a complete picture, a perfect picture with my four tire sections in my new book:
The Cutting Edge – Iconic Schools, Noteworthy Curricula, Extraordinary Strategies
Much like the TSS Earnslaw whose journey is mesmerizing to say the least, my journey with my first book set me firmly on the road to love being an author and my second one: The Cutting Edge – Iconic Schools, Noteworthy Curricula, Extraordinary Strategies is making sure I am not going to stop at even this!!!

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