Stories to enchant the daylights out of us!

The books which were my companions as I grew up led me to have a fertile imagination. With every changing land atop the Faraway Tree, I imagined some more. I imagined myself amongst the elves of a Shakespearean drama, I drank the magic potion with Alice, I also became the drama Queen and barked “cut-off his head” to my couldn’t care less Pomeranian Ruff, I solved and sniffed for clues with Hardy boys and as a teenager wistfully wished Nancy Drew worked with them, the English moors of the Hound of Baskervilles made me decide that on a visit to London, I have to be alert at all times while Sherlock Holmes made me want to cultivate my smart & witty one-liners.

My list is endless.

My psyche is strewn with the magic of books. Now I have play scripts ready for a dozen amazing plays. And my love for books led me to seek out some iconic films which in turn led me to devour the books of those authors. One such film which fascinated me since childhood and which till my present years in adulthood, I have finally lost count of how many times I have viewed it, is: My Fair Lady. George Bernard Shaw became my favourite playwright. And in school I have played lead roles in many of his plays with a personal favourite being Raina Petkoff from Arms and the Man. This script’s been ready since one and half decades but haven’t found the right set of all factors to have been able to put it on stage with students in school.

The theatrical mindset has thus helped me lap up stories everywhere I go. One such was on my present brief trip to live ‘nothingness’ all by myself!

The Story of Izzy is both fascinating and heart-warming. It also transports me yet again into my favorite land as also my favorite pastime of finding and sniffing out stories wherever I go!

It is self-explanatory!
We are the most photographed cat – now we are also in a BLOG!!
Way to go, IZZY!
Adopted and cared for!!
How cozy Izzy! Can we snuggle up with you?

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