As you turn 21….

 As you turn 21,
I wonder if I should add-on.
I wonder what I should tell you new
That I haven’t already said to you!
As you turn 21,
A million things come to mind
The precise words I try to find,
As I want to renew all I’ve ever said & more,
 Something which you’ve called” “Mom-lore”!!
As you turn 21,
Remember that behind every happy child,
Is a family which has stood by, cried & smiled,
With you through all your exploits
And in all situations with you rejoiced.
 As you turn 21,
Thank Almighty for his gracious blessings,
As at every step you learnt your lessons,
Precious steppingstones which helped you
Learn life’s experiences which are so true!
As you turn 21,
Look back on all the years gone by,
Never failing to ask yourself ‘why’,
It is that you have been grounded & real
With gratitude & love being your true seal.
As you turn 21,
Before you reminisce about your successes,
Remember that there are no guesses,
About knowing that life’s lessons are learnt,
From situations where our fingers got burnt!
As you turn 21,
Tarry a while to acknowledge all those folks,
Who have made you who you are with focus,
As one brick at a time they have helped you
Learn & unlearn with a vigor new!!
As you turn 21,
Keep in mind the years ahead
Now lie in front and it all depends,
On you to be careful what course you undertake,
For the world’s waiting to decide whether YOU, it can celebrate!
As you turn 21,
I say all this not because my course I am done,
Nor because I have any premonition or just for fun,
But because I have put all I was taught and more
Into my upbringing of you which you’ve called” “Mom-lore”!!
As you turn 21,
The wishes which come your way
Are loaded with blessings to help you essay,
The role which you want to play
As you soon head out on Life’s highway!!
Keeping alive a tradition, I baked and shared with friends on my son’s birthday!
Its lovely to keep memories of fun times alive through a little tweaking of events!!
As with everything I do there was a ‘heart’ even inside the cake I baked!!
Oh Yes! what better drawing than a rising Sun – the children of the Orphanage Home lovingly made this card for my son as I participated in the lunch at their home on his behalf!
They sang for him and blessed him as he listened in, from a land afar and got nostalgic and somber and told me that he prayed a silent prayer thanking God Almighty for the blessings!
Another tradition, I’ve always taught him about: Remembering his blessings by spending his special day with children who aren’t so fortunate.
… reasons for him to be real and thankful at all times!!

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