A Sneak Vacation

I love the unexpected. More so when it comes at a time most needed. A series of non-serious events had me wishing for a vacation at a time when I generally don’t take one. And then it happened!

When this sneak vacation fell into my lap, I had no newton moment accept one defying the very gravity he figured out as that apple fell into his! A huge ‘hurray jump’ by my spirit internally into my imaginary soul-air.

With the family was split up across the globe, we figured out our travels in all the five different directions would be worthwhile after all. Each of us were separated by thousands of kilometres and had oceans and nations carving this divide. Yet all had their purposes which would eventually be enough to tell our tales.

I start with mine, beating the others to it quite squarely. Not that the others were ever in the race and each of them would frown wirily as they read this. I always generate this competition within us which isn’t there in the first place for it involves doing something which I singly do all the time, so while the others just dismiss it with a shake of head or sometimes not even that, my son is the only one who honours such acts of mine with a bewildered expression, a questioning twisting of his wrists and his typical: “Mom!” in a tone which is made to sound comically exasperating! Suits me always for I win nonetheless!!

A visit to New Zealand is always welcome, especially since its home for that’s my yearly retreat to visit my father. Literally, no other place to go to. Oddly, it doesn’t make me sad for I’d rather be nowhere else.

The thought of vacations and the trip itself becomes celebrated because it relaxes you as well as breaks the monotony of one’s routine life. And this starts right at the airport, continues through long haul flights and hits you squarely as you land – irrespective of whether that landing port is your final destination of not.

So like my sneak vacation, the sneak peek at the fair on a perfect morning!
Yes the fair was ‘Extravagantly’ queer and right out of my innumerable plans for school fairs after seeing pictures on Google baba!!
We took ‘queer’ to another level of cute!
My Dad frowned upon my desire to walk in there – what better to get initiated into ‘tarot’ reading than here, so I thought but sadly wasn’t to be…
It was possible to sit around & gaze at the lovely festivities as well as into a crystal ball – magically!
The innovative spidey tried to scare me as I stood clicking it – almost managed too. I was saved by the shrieks of fright from some young visitors and I could hide my near fright with a nervous giggle!!
The Live band was spirited like the morning and everything else!
Loved the cow’s head looking over the days proceedings quite smugly!!
Was in two minds to ‘be tooned’ but Dad was a huge spoil-sport, found it all pretty childish!!
Had a second chance – but then gave up myself, for firmly believe that Lord above has already chosen for me my ‘Zen, my Life path’ – He is only seeing how well I cope with it!
Did not want to disappoint Him by showing misgivings, so chose to just click away instead of ‘tarot’ away!!!
The gypsy girl Hula hooping, to the beans bags strewn in the sun, to the favorite carnival games there was everything which can be there on a fair’s check list.
The deep blue above and the lush green below conjoined to definitely create the perfect avenue!
A Faraway tree crossed with an Alice in Wonderland, it was weirdly quaint!!
….and how can tattoos be far behind with the grinning chained skeletal doggie being the least expected guardian of this all!!
“Hi There Folks! Don’t be surprised, I am becoming increasing a norm, than an exception with people becoming skeletal personas of the real ones we had earlier and to top it all standing guard over the phony lives!!
Paradoxes in the outside world should scare you more than those within the expected Extravaganza Fair, I’d Say!!”
Couldn’t agree with happy Skeletee Head more…..walking out of the fair, I wondered why pseudo & faux can’t remain in the realm of make-belief fairs like before while we could have real outside?
Would a tarot reading or gazing into a crystal ball get me the answers? I doubt, for they lie within us, only we never listen to our inner conscience anymore!!

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