Wah! Life!

I stumbled upon some old pictures from a nearly forgotten hard disk. It was as if I had stumbled upon some hidden treasure for the remembrances captured by my camera had long been forgotten by my short-term memory. The richness of the scape of human emotions can only be felt through our relationships.

With Diwali around the corner I couldn’t resist adding some lovely mouth-watering sweets too to my Life Personas. I started writing my Blog yesterday evening, but a busy evening made it impossible to upload it last night. Lo and behold! I get a forward from a dear friend this morning about sweets and what we should learn from some of the many well-known ones. In my Blog though today, I have included some of my favorites, most of them being unknown to many of my fellow countrymen too.

The personas list this Diwali lends a Wah! Life! connotation to my existence like no one else can. And I love my list!!

 R: Reliable Rockstar persona who is dependable, steadfast and absolutely trustworthy – the person in your life who remains unswerving in his/her belief in you. 
“Yes, you were silly but its ok, no one can find fault with you. I don’t.”
You feel asinine but this persona takes care of the feeling of being foolish!
Kulfi – a Rockstar no doubt, again from the northern states of India and the Ice cream is its poor cousin!
Totally dependent sweet which keeps your faith strong in all things traditional!
E:  Efficient about Everything persona who is proficient, well-organised and capable – the person in your life who remains the mainstay in your belief that skilled is gifted. 
“No worries, I’ve got it done – this way everything is taken care off.”
You know you had been a bungling, ineffectual oaf but this person had handled it all for you!
Gajjar Halwa – an efficient utilization of the amazing deep red colored carrot found so abundantly in all parts of the northern states of India in winter months.
A totally capable sweet of keeping your faith intact in Indian sweets being the best in the world!!
 L:  Lion-hearted Lucky charm persona who is fearless, gallant and unafraid - the person in your life who continues to stand by your side amidst turmoil & disorder. 
“There is no need to feel you need to defend yourself in front of anyone, feel no guilt!”
You know you are in a mess of contradictory emotions but this person grounds you like a lightening conductor!
Moong Dal Halwa – the absolute lion-heart of Indian sweets for its richness and taste are both complimentary to each other – a DIWALI specialty from my state of Uttar Pradesh
Oh! it stands gallantly amongst all naysayers who measure and crib about the richness of Indian sweets and people dig into it amidst all the weighty turmoil!!
(Was part of my DIWALI hampers this year as always)
 A: Artificial Abominable aimless persona who is horrendous, atrocious and directionless - the person in your life who pretends to add meaningless, fake and synthetic value to your life. 
“Oh yes how amazingly you did this and no one else could have even come close to it.”
You know your work is good, but this person falsifies the phoney emotions to another level of counterfeit!
The Coconut barfi – artificially & brightly colored sweets found largely all over India in small shanty shops on roadsides.
(Never dared to taste them so cannot comment on their taste)
It’s a phony imitation of the succulent variety made with fresh coconut and loved at all occasions!
 T: Threatened Terrified Trooper persona who is forever feeling vulnerable, helpless & intimidated by you for no verifiable reason. 
“No this isn’t the way it is done. I have tried this a million times and that is the right way only.”
You have just done something differently, but this person feels you have challenged his/her very existence!
Imarti – a threatened cousin of the more widely known ‘jalebi’, another specialty from my state of Uttar Pradesh and one of my first loved sketches in sweets for my friends who knew nothing of it.
Others may feel intimidated by it but I am sure it wonders why!!!
I: Inspired, Intelligent Idealist persona who is always enthused about everything you do and forever encourages you with sharp insights of an optimistic dreamer.
 “Your work is invigorating & intense, and your perception of situations is powerful.”
You feel formidable and influential as this person’s persuasive & compelling comments are so real!!
Badam ki Jaali – an inspired sweet from my adopted city of residence – Hyderabad as unique in appearance as it is in taste.
It is formidable in the different forms it takes on – cherries, apples, strawberries – the art is in the maker of those sweets who does it from a traditional old heritage haweli in Old Hyderabad!
O: Outstanding Optimist persona who is robustly marvelous and remarkably cheerful about everything in your life: big or small. 
“Oh wonderful, yes of course why not! You could even start doing…….”
You shared something special and this unique person has you held on a pedestal of unmatched buoyant expectancy!
Maal makkan – an outstanding sweet prepared in the moonlight and to be had early morning – again from my state of Uttar Pradesh
This sweet helps you start the day with a marvelous cheeriness as it is so very light that it disappears in your mouth, being lightly sweetened enhances the magic!
N: Narcissistic Nauseating Ninja persona who tries to overtake everything you do or say through his/her self-absorbed and egotistic self-admiration disregarding your self-worth.
“You cannot do it right at all, it’s better it is left to experts like me.”
You are demeaned every time and made to feel insignificant while this person can do no wrong by being vain.
Boondi Laddu – a very narcissist ninja of sweets as it is the first sweet which comes to everyone’s mind as soon as they even think: INDIA
(Not nauseating though, for its most loved!)
Oh! this laddu is fairly self-absorbed and often doesn’t give due respect to his other colleagues, often making them feel insignificant especially during the festive season!!
 S: Spontaneously Sensible persona who is prudently aware and mindful of all pitfalls which you may encounter and naturally steers you clear of all minefields. 
“You should think and act, ignore the unnecessary bits which are not value-adding in your scheme of things.”
You are sincerely & genuinely guided along with sensible advice as this person is thoughtful & pragmatic is his/her suggestions to you.
Malai Paan – a spectacularly spontaneous sweet from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India
We know sweets lead to weighty pitfalls but the freshness of this guides you to indulge!!
H: Happy Humane persona who is contended with all they have and neither aspire nor desire for anything more thus giving you lessons in gratitude & compassion.
 “You keep doing your work and look for no recognition, let the world be, for who you are is more important.”
You can fret, fume and feel miserable but they would see no harm in the situation teaching you a lesson.
Seen traits of this persona all through my life in my father’s approach to everything in life!!
Chawal (rice) Kheer – an indulgently happy sweet which takes no time to get ready, get off the fire and onto the table, for everyone to dig into.
This kheer is loved by all and extends its gratitude to all the ingredients which go into making it!
I: Impulsively Immature persona who impetuously and unwisely tries to sabotage your work or relationship with someone due to a juvenile approach to life situations. 
“You know we are good as team, always have been and new people should tread carefully.”
You hear childish inputs like this for your professional work and wonder where such responses from the person are coming from, which are unnecessary & ill-advised.
Karachi Halwa – a jellied sweet (not amongst my favorites) which seems a bit childish in its grandeur when compared with all the other elaborate ones we have on the Indian palate.
Its a sweet which seems a poor cousin of the jelly jujubes but once you have you wonder who got that ill-advised notion about it!
 P: Passionately Perfect persona who loves everything they do to such a zealous level of perfection that often you are left wondering why you are flawed & so unaccomplished. 
“This is lovely, but we shall do it this way then it shall be perfect.”
You find all work turned out by these people to be flawless and done with such enthusiasm in sun, rain, hail or storm that their zealousness is infectious!
Baal Mithai – a passionately amazing sweet from a state carved out from my state, now called Uttrakhand.
The sweet is as perfect in taste and appearance as a serious work of art and the sugar globules over it lend it that flawless final execution!

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