Oh, The mother in ME!

A recent forward by a friend on what’s app was a comment from social media, I know not which one, from the ever witty, Mrs. Funnybones Twinkle Khanna on how our Mars mission stayed on course and reached it too because it was named with the acronym: MOM and had it been named DAD it would still be circling the earth, too proud to ask for directions.

This got me thinking whether Ms. Khanna’s comment should be widely applauded just for its wit and should we as women, just view such insinuations as a ‘triumph’ over the other gender or is there more merit to this thought. I believe in the merit part.

Not because ‘merit’ always fascinates me but because male bashing doesn’t appeal to me for the simple fact that I feel there is no competition. Sorry, all Dads, we are way ahead and we have no competition. ZERO!

How so ever busy I am. Whatsoever I am bogged down with. Who so ever I may be with, I pick up the signal I am supposed to as regards my child, as I am supposed to! The mother’s smoke-alarm is always set at ‘ultra-hyper-sensitive’ and the best part is the child knows this too. My son never does not forget to pick up my phone after missing it just once or twice maybe. He stretches his luck with his dad right through the day.

When I tell him that I am missing him and want to do a quick video call, he always asks for five minutes before he connects. He knows that with that video call Mom would have her drone eyes on, so the room is set to some standards of orderliness and he never misses showing me his scrubbed sink, settled bed and folded laundry. With his Dad and his Grandfather, he brushes aside their comments about an untidy study table with his signature dismissiveness!

Children know and never forget that their Mom’s instinctive protectiveness will pick up signals and often, I find that they are most thankful for it. That’s their biggest safety net. In good times, they construe it to be annoying – I ignore that hint of edginess in my son’s voice during these times because I know that he needs to know even subconsciously that its there for that exigency, which I pray never arises.

As much as there may be that lure of wanting to be over-bearing and over-possessive, I always put myself in their shoes and think. I think long and hard. I analyse and reflect. I draw my conclusions that since all I want is my child’s welfare, safety and well-being & happiness, keeping the mother in me alive is all that is needed now. Keeping my instincts alive and kicking is all that’s required, if my child as a twenty-year-old had the wisdom which I have at half a century, then he may have been a genius or a prodigy.

Well, he’s a normal child, with his quirks, his strengths and his dreams.

And I am a normal Mom with a mother in ME!

Life’s good this way! All stakeholders know who’s the boss. Why complicate it with a turf battle, which doesn’t need to be fought anyways. For the war is already won!

Hail the Mom’s!!

Being there to guide and comfort much like this lighthouse on Rottnest Island, Western Australia!
Letting them know quietly through thoughts and actions that we are the safe enclaves, they can always come to – the mystical blues of the seas lends that magical touch as we drive around the island.
Everything is picture-postcard perfect!
Keeping a wide-angle view always helps when its your child you are dealing with so like the vast serene view from the cruise…..
Knowing exactly what to weed out and what to look for as they give those subtle and often to be missed signs which they so want you to pick up and comfort them for – this seagull sitting and rummaging among-st the sea weeds seems to know exactly what it wanted and its patience was in abundance!!
Just what we need?
Well, Hello Sunshine!! Mom is there – the safety net!!
Salute to all the MOMS!!
We know who’s in the driver’s seat, need we dispute or argue?
Even the Quokka approves – catch the applause & the smile!! I rest my case!

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