I have felt this magic, many times in my years on planet Earth till now. And each time it has been more magical than the previous one. I often wonder if this is because I love to see beyond the haze of the peripheral glitches, snags and inconveniences? Or because I am a tough nut to crack? Either way it has served me well.

  I see magic in the miracle of opening my eyes each morning.
I see magic in being able to smile through my pain.
I see magic in the “Hi Mom, call you later” brief message from my son.
I also see magic in the “good morning” images in groups I am part of.
I feel the magic in every kind word spoken of me.
I feel magic in the gestures of support from my friends.
I feel magic in the power to change a child’s world.
I also feel magic in being able to love & care.
I experience magic in my ability to help someone learn.
I experience magic when my little boy hugs me & I hardly reach his shoulder.
I experience magic when my family rolls their eyes yet stand there for me.
I also experience magic when my words hold meaning and significance.
I love the magic which my family imparts with their support.
I love the magic which my effort makes in someone’s life.
I love the magic which my writing conveys to those who read it.
I also love the magic which I feel as I get more comfortable in my own beliefs.

And the feeling continues, as yet another day passes by and I feel I have lived it well. The magic of gratitude is felt by a happy, guilt free heart. I try to keep mine uncluttered. A friend rued the other day that my thoughts and expressive words may be construed as pride and arrogance. It was after my last blog post so I re-read my post and try to analyse if that could be true. Well, may be, I thought she was right. Then I thought some more – something I am not too good at, for I tend to get tired if I think too much. So, after a bit of effort I gave up and wrote back to my friend asking her if we should care? For we were who we were and it hardly mattered if someone thought of us as proud or snooty or arrogant. Its my inherent inside which is important, the outside is as it is deceptive! I found magic in my wisdom! As I do in everything around me.

  The magic in my life is not because of one thing.
The magic is due to several people who bring it into my life.
The magic is due to my family who keep adding it each moment.
The magic is because I don’t seize to see the magic created by the magic itself!
This is how my magic looked like years ago….my world was and remains small, still!
And this is how is it today – taller maybe, but small, still!
I love the magic, thus Movie-world, Gold Coast Australia lures me each time!
……and the magic continues!
The magic in our world is not just because of us but because of umpteen number of amazing creatures who make it magical & almost unreal!
But sadly we value nothing as much as we value our ego & pride.
We never learn from the biggest teacher of all – NATURE because we are drunk on our own idea of greatness and forget to see the magic in the balance which animals maintain with their environment… our pride & arrogance we assume we are born to lead, forgetting that to lead we must first learn to follow & respect!
There is magic in everyone’s window as there’s a rainbow after every rain – we just should know where to look and should be sure of what we are looking for!!
I know where and what to look for in my life – thus I find magic every where!

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