Should Milestones be remembered?

As I was asked this yesterday, I asked back: Why not? With each milestone in our life, we achieve an impossible:  a goal – Which we may or may not have set for ourselves, but destiny had. And I love making records.

Started in Grade 5. This record making spree of mine. In an inter-house dramatics play in school when as lead actress, I along with the other ‘mannequins’ kept eating the scrumptious pastries provide by the nuns and royally forgot to say our lines. The Pansies house came last! This was a goal I had not set out for myself, but destiny had.

I forgave the pastries, but I never forgot!

In Grade 8, I made yet another. In a biology class, as all girls silently and with concentration were dissecting a formaline dead frog, my mystery and crime thriller soaked brain somehow managed to ‘make’ it come alive, as a screaming me threw it right at our biology teacher, showing everyone how it had even bitten my finger off! My practical marks threw my science confidence into a downward spin! (though to no immense regret as parents were always chilled out about marks and exams then – wonder why they aren’t so now??) This was a goal I had set out for myself for my rich imagination had won me a large following as everyone said that I would end up being an author and destiny had it planned, I guess.

I forgive the frog, but I never forget! (I almost have my book ready now!)

In college I defied the self-proclaimed ‘ban’ on any dress, other than the sari or mekhla chaadar (an assamese dress) by a radical student organisation and took it one step further by driving to college on a TVS moped. Along with the goats and the farmers who found me to be an alien, the young men greeted me with black flags and slogans. I bartered with them: “you get into a ‘dhoti-kurta’ instead of a jeans/pant and shirt and you shall find me in a sari”. My elderly college Principal heaved a sigh of relief. I had rested my case & won hands down. This was a goal I had not set out for myself, but destiny had.

I forgave the silly young men, but I never forgot!

In my professional life I set several goals, some I managed to meet others I could surpass. Those I hadn’t planned for but were achieved had the sweetest triumph. Those I had planned for and achieved had the most humbling sense of accomplishment. This is what makes milestones special.

Keeping milestones as personal targets is always wise. Never make them into ends to realize aspirations of climbing an organisations’ ladder, for then milestones do not remain that.

They become ambitions. Ambitions can become ugly for they are the ones with the small red coloured horns. Those which make a person obnoxious and disagreeable. Makes them do repulsive actions and intimidating skirmishes which are unnecessary in any association.

When milestones are attained quietly, without brazen advertisement & insolent announcements but with unassuming grace – that is when my answer: Why not? gains further significance.

I forgive the ambitious, but I never forget.

I shall never forget the lovely milestones I have made for myself and in the bargain for some others too. Though in my case many old ‘friends’ have developed selective amnesia and have forgotten how they were helped in the bargain.

It matters not to me for I am not the one living with the guilt, a heavy conscience and the constant fear of the ‘karma’ boomerang!

I await the boomerang of memories of all my signposts in life as they come flooding back. Why not?

….because I am fearless!
Like this Kaka on Stewart Island, NZ, as he decided to share our breakfast on a cold morning.
Also because I am content with myself and do not want others to endorse my actions!
Again like this couldn’t -careless Kaka who sat there happily snacking on the piece of bread as we went about having our morning tea!
My fearlessness comes from my purity of intention while the Kaka has no predators on Stewart Island to worry about!
The magnificence of every milestone gains significance from the grand actions surrounding them, much like these abundant lavender flowers in the midst of immaculate Botanical garden surroundings in Hobart, Tasmania.
If your associates and surroundings help to accentuate your efforts as you reach another signpost, then you are lucky – for often another’s achievement becomes someone else’s perceived defeat & it is downhill from there for everyone.
The pristine, tranquil green house had been given a new avatar all together and very details was accentuating the complete impact!
The towering ideas and thoughts should help you reach your milestones with loftiness and grandeur in mind – look above and far into the future, not below trying to throw off competition from the ladder – if you do that, when you do (if you do) reach the top, there won’t be anybody to cheer you on!
The Lighthouse on Rottnest Island, Perth, WA reaches high up into the sky and illuminates the paths of ships passing by.
Frame your milestone effort in the solid frame of ethics, good intentions and selfless service – the result will always be a masterpiece which shall be remembered long after you are gone ( I have been there, trust me!)
So much like the iconic Marina Hotel is framed in the Singapore eye to a stunning effect!
Lace your perfectly choreographed milestone with special effects of thoughtfulness and farsightedness to achieve that standing ovation performance – much like these adorable dolphins who escorted our cruise out of Perth, WA as we headed off towards the sea.
The effect was surreal!
Cap up your performance at the milestone with your signature character attributes – should be a direct reflection of who you are as a person irrespective of the fact whether you are in public or private view! Why have a mask on, when the real you is more beautiful, even with the flaws…..
The room with a view on the pier – Somerset on the Pier – gave us a double treat the sky plus its reflection – the
early morning could not have been more magical!

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