The Write Path…..sneaking up on July 20, 2019!

The making of The DECCAN TRAILBLAZERS – Education Icons of Hyderabad enters its 100th day today. I can’t help but thank all those who have helped me in this voyage thus far and in my journey on wards too.

I announced it to the world with this!!
I followed it up with this!
….And then came this!

My journey with my book continued. I met some amazing people, made some new friends, cemented my friendships with some further, and all along I learnt, I heard, I reflected, I enjoyed, I dreamed some more, making it all so worthwhile.

I asked everyone to mark the date in their calendars!
And am hoping they did!

I have been working on my book and my launch almost simultaneously. A few of my closest friends and family have been my sounding board. And how bravely they’ve been – putting up with my rambling, my anxiety, my thoughts, my loud-thinking, my plans, my ideas – listening patiently, patting my back at all time, always a word of encouragement and NEVER telling me to keep quiet! I shall reveal their identities soon. Such amazingly wonderful people that they are “neighbors envy, owner pride”! Love you guys!

……a book launch with a difference.
The difference being that the book’s special people – The ICONS will be my special guests and the STARS of the event and shall find themselves in some really august company apart from their own!

LOOK OUT for this space for more as I begin a countdown in yet another different way with The Write Path……..T minus 32 days and counting!


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