Don’t mis-interpret LIFE!

Life is being alive,
Life is also being happy,
It isn’t being in overdrive,
It isn’t about being snappy.

Life is loving each moment,
Life is finding small joys,
It isn’t about being frozen
In the past nor bothering about the noise.
Life is about enjoying a quiet moment
Life is also about laughing aloud,
It isn’t about postponement
Or waiting endlessly for passing of storm clouds.
Life is savouring every simple dish,
Life is also sweating it over a gas stove,
It isn’t just about a wish
Nor is it about finding a treasure trove.
Life is only about breathing calmly,
Life is always about being strong,
It never was said to be easy nor would it always be a tsunami,
But it was promised to be an affair which would be lifelong!
I have figured out that life is a series of many quiet moments woven and sewed together…..
……It also is a cup coffee with family and friends and the Cheeky Llama cafe, for no reason or for many…..
….it probably isn’t as easy as a bird’s life (or is it?) but it definitely has more variety!
……Life is about loving every moment – the calm ones…..
…the high ones…..
….the artistic ones…..
…..the postcard type ones……
….or the cheesy ones (!)…..
….or the magically illuminated ones…..
….the in-focus or out-of-focus ones……
….the deep, depth ones…..
…..the shining ones…..
….or the shadowy ones…..
….Only assurance is that it is going to be worthwhile like the experience on the Great Barrier Reef with the Sunlover Cruises…..
and throughly fascinating!

6 thoughts on “Don’t mis-interpret LIFE!

  1. Lovely pictures

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    1. Thanks Sakshi…..the Great barrier Reef was awesome as we did the under-water walk..amongst the most beautiful sights in the world!

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  2. harshada tamhankar April 8, 2019 — 3:32 pm

    Very beautiful pics .. perfect clicks 👌

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  3. Great poem and great photos in one post!

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